Can Boynton get the trifecta?

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Sep 23, 2018
I totally agree with this - but just to play devil's advocate, weren't we up double digits when those chants started? Am I remembering that wrong?
I think your right, like I said its all in good fun. I'm just ready to get on with THIS season. We are going to have a good team.
this is college sports, not little league.......... guaranteed you are more sensitive than the players are...
Probably, but I'm sure the current guys enjoy playing in front of a full house, lets get out and support the current team!!
Nov 17, 2008
Tulsa, OK
A comparison can be made, but things are set up much better this time around. Cunningham is one of the top two recruits in the entire country. We already have an exciting recruiting class this year to back up whatever comes with Cade and Rondell. On top of that, we have coach Boynton. We will see, but I thing Oklahoma State is in store for some exciting times.
Feb 27, 2018
From Bill Haisten...

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, in Booker T.’s Nathan E. Harris Fieldhouse, Thompson announces his college choice. The event is streamed on CBS Sports HQ.

It’ll be a huge moment for the Thompson family. For Bryce, there will be unbridled joy along with some discomfort. It won’t be easy to say no to three coaches with whom he has established friendship bonds.

As Thompson nears the finish line of a two-year process, there also is real fatigue.

“I am relieved,” he said. “I look forward to being able to just work out and get ready for the high school season. Not having to answer calls every hour.

“This has been good and a blessing, but I’m glad it’s nearly over.”
Nov 30, 2010
Tulsa, OK
Here were Bryce's final thoughts told to 24/7 Sports as of yesterday.
Kansas: "It’s a good school, they’re winning a lot, they have tons of good players, they produce pros and they have connection to my family."

North Carolina: "Legendary program, it’s North Carolina, Coach Rob was there with my dad at TU so that’s a connection and that’s a plus for North Carolina."

Oklahoma: "Playing style as well as Coach [Lon] Kruger. He’s a great coach."

Oklahoma State: "Coach [Mike] Boyton is a great coach, they have two players there that I used to play with in the summer in Keylan and Kalib Boone."
Dec 17, 2011
After his video yesterday on twitter yesterday he was all about this announcement and the hype. That was when I shifted my 50/50 osu ku to lean a lot more to KU. As others said on here, he wanted to play for that major blue blood school.