Contractor bidding on Trump border wall arrested for bombing Mosque

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Aug 31, 2007
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Michael Hari owner of Crisis Resolution Security Services out of Illinois was arrested by the FBI yesterday and charged with a Mosque bombing in MN (which Trump Adviser Gorka at the time said was "Faked by the Left") and attempted bombing of an Abortion Clinic in Illinois (the bomb was thrown into the clinic but did not detonate).

Hari is a former deputy sheriff who now owns a contracting business in Illinois and had submitted a very detailed proposal for building what they called the Western International Border Wall for Trump's wall.

He told the Chicago Tribune last year when he submitted the bid they were the only company to submit a proposal to make the wall recreational and a tourist attraction as they submitted a contract to build a wall with bike paths and walking paths along the top of it.

In a Youtube promotion of their bid they put out a message saying their wall was to defend the US and its Anglo-Saxon heritage, Western Culture, and English Language and to defend the US from people who have different value systems.

In an FBI affidavit released Hari confessed to the mosque bombing saying he paid 2 accomplices $18k each to help him carry it out and said that it was a statement to tell Muslims “Hey, you’re not welcome here, get the fuck out.”

Hari also has a criminal record. In 2006 he was found guilty of child abduction when he took his daughters to Central America for fear of losing custody, only to be tracked down by an investigator hired by Dr. Phil and he was arrested and sentenced to 30 months probation.