Coronavirus pandemic non-socio-political discussions

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Sep 16, 2004
She hadn't heard anything. I've done a pubmed search and haven't turned up anything. I would assume, however, that a history of LD puts your daughter in the high risk category.
Thanks. It’s actually my son. He is super-fit. Plays soccer and lifts weights. Just gave up wrestling, after taking 3rd in State finals. But the Lyme Disease still gives us concern, despite his age and physical fitness.

He contracted it 3 years ago, and has had 2 flare ups. Both involved major inflammation and a serious fever (104.7°). Since COVID seems to also create issues with inflammation, we assumed that could be bad news for him.

He’s doing distance learning as a high school freshman. He’s had a great attitude about it. We just want to be sure we’re not overreacting, but our GP thinks it’s prudent to be cautious for now.