Cowgirls Softball: Mizuno Classic

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Jul 31, 2012
Near Ardmore, Okla
I should wait till the new rankings comes out. Just can’t stand the wait.

After a successful 5-0 weekend...Cowgirls improve their record to 13-5. The highlight of the weekend was the 5-4 victory over No. 10 Oregon in 9 Innings. Lots of plays to choose from for the top play of the game. Chelsea Alexander gets the nod. Botton of the 9th, she came in to pinch hit. Clutch hit to bring home the victory.

For the weekend, Naomi and Febrey topped the list for the Cowgirls. They combined for 6 homers.

coming into the Mizuno Classic, it’s like the OSU/Tulsa Invitational. Instead of games being played in Stillwater and will be played in Stillwater and Norman.

March 6th @2:30 vs Missouri St.

They are coming in with a 6-8 record. Cannot overlook this team. They have played quality games very close. The two common opponents that we already played are Minnesota and Ole Miss.they lost to both 1-0 and 1-0. They lost to N. Texas 2-1 in 8(the same team that beat OU this past weekend). They did beat Baylor 3-0.

March 6th @5 vs Murray St.

Lady Racers are 11-6. Only one common opponent is against Drake(8-0 victory in 6). Looks to me a hot or cold team. Depends on which team shows up.

March 7th @2:30 vs Mercer

Has a 9-12 record. They have a DH vs Auburn on Wednesday before coming into the classic. They have played one of our future opponent5-1 lost to Tulsa).

march 7th @5 vs Utah

circle this game as we battle another PAC 12 team... Utes are coming into the Classic 12-2. They are 1-2 vs ranked teams. common opponent already played, Ole Miss, Utah won 5-4

future opponents:
Kansas 4-1(w)
Texas 2-3(L)

March 8th @12:30 vs. Missouri St.

see above

Prediction that Cowgirls will go 5-0 tp improve to 18-8. AND, OU will drop at least 1 game this week.


Feb 24, 2020
I think the hitting as been what I expected. This is a good hitting team, but not elite (not yet). There's some swing and miss in the batting lineup, and the only players I would consider "tough outs" at this point is Naomi, Pennington, and Febrey. Pennington is now starting to hit like she's capable of and living up to one of the top recruits in her class. Naomi has taken a jump in her game, and might be one of the best SS in the country by the end of the season. Febrey is proven, and has always been regarded as one of the better hitting 1B in the country.

Now the rest of the lineup has a lot swing and miss. Factor has started off slow, but I'm hopeful she'll find her swing. Richbourg has been steady. I'm not all that surprised to see Busby struggle. Even though she batted .381 at Virginia, she was facing subpar competition. Outside of facing Megan King (FSU) or Eberle (Virginia Tech now OSU), she didn't face quality pitching. Hopefully she can figure it out on the plate.

Sydney Springfield is a young lady that has never been able to hit for average even when she was at LSU. She has a whole lot of power, but she strikes out a lot too. She found her niche as a pinch hitter, and maybe that's her best role with this team. You have the young freshman in Madison Neighbors and Karli Petty both struggling. No matter how much travel ball you play, it doesn't prepare you for this kind of pitching that they're facing. I know what Gajewski said about Petty and her potential, but at the end of the day, there's a learning curve. The game needs to slow down for her, and it will eventually. Nice to see Mady Lohman have success as a sophmore. She was in line to start at CF as a freshman before the wrist injury put her out for the majority of the season. She's very talented, and her speed is useful in the OF.

Right now, we're a good hitting team, but there's plenty of room for improvement. Getting Taylor Tuck back from injury would be huge. She probably was the best hitter in the fall along with Pennington. We've been facing high end pitching every weekend, which is why we're batting .272 as a team. Hopefully these next couple weekends, the bats get going for those who've been struggling .
Jul 31, 2012
Near Ardmore, Okla
The coaches poll is a joke. How in the world does Oregon drop from T-10 to 11? I would understand if they only lost was to OSU.....but they also lost to a 5-10 Louisville too. It’s ridiculous. our Cowgirls moved up one spot to 14. Smh

In the ESPN/USA softball, Cowgirls jumped up to 12th in the rankings
Jul 31, 2012
Near Ardmore, Okla
Lohman BB...then advance to 2nd on Neighbors GO.
lohman advance to 3rd on a catcher error. Then scored on Petty fly out to center.
Naomi solo shot to center.
Pennington solo shot to center.
Febrey HBP
Alexander fo to center to end the inning.

Cowgirls lead 15-0