Cowgirls vs. West Virginia

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Oct 24, 2005
The Cowgirls host West Virginia at 2:00 on ESPN+.

OSU: 12-10 and 3-7
WVU: 14-6 and 4-5

Jim Littell always says his goal is to get 20 wins and go 9-9 in conference to reach the NCAA tournament.

There are 8 games remaining in Big 12 play. The Cowgirls need 8 more wins to reach the magic number of 20. They need 6 more wins to finish 9-9 in conference.

The NCAA tournament is slipping away from this team.

To reach the WNIT, the Cowgirls must have an overall record of .500 or better.

The Cowgirls still have the following games on the schedule:
Oklahoma (Road)
Baylor (Home)
TCU (Road)
Texas (Road)

With this team’s inability to close out winnable games at home, can they even secure a WNIT berth?

Or will the season end in the Big 12 tournament for the second year in a row?
Sep 9, 2013
i try(my younger sister was the captain of the allstate team in girls basketball in wva and the state shot put champion), but i just cant get into women's sports. I wish they had women's mud wrestling as a sport, as that is highly entertaining.