Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

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Deere Poke

I'd rather be in the woods
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Feb 13, 2014
Bixby-Bristow OK
Interesting the a Fascist TOOK power as the "National Socialist Workers Party"..No?

Ain't history a bitch!?
Chat it up with some of the people out there spewing this stuff. They are fully convinced the fascist were capitalist. They really need to read the Rise and Fall then read about Mussolini and Franco. The fascist watched the Marxist crash industry in the soviet union and they didn't want to make the same mistake. They allowed the people running the vital industries to keep running them and made them teach them how to run them so when they finally took them over they wouldn't crash them. In many cases they brought the company owners and management into the party and allowed them to continue to live well for their service to the party. The whole thought and alternate history being taught that they were capitalist is absurd.