Football Changes that MUST be made

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Nov 14, 2010
Our offense went 7 possessions in a row without scoring

Our defense gave up points to A&M on every one of their possesions in the 4th quarter, over 100 yards rushing in the 4th quarter alone to their qb, 248 yards on the ground.

Both teams averaged exactly 5.7 yards per play and A&M ran just one more play then OSU.

A&M had 4 more pebalties and 2 more turnovers than OSU and still had a 2 score lead late in the game

That stinks!

We need better recruiting, we need a better offensive system, we need better decision making at critical times from our coaches, we need our coach to have a more agressivewe mentality, we need our coaches to have a bettet short yardage plan, we need better defense, and we need better special teams.
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Nov 8, 2004
Wishing I was in Stillwater
Watching our Pokes beat aTm in 2011 with a rifle-armed Weedon, Blackmon and so many others that went pro was amazing how we simply moved the ball up and down the field with relative ease.
Weedon and Blackmon were part of a top 10 class, right?

This is where we fall in the national rankings money-wise:

This is the top 10 money-wise:

Here's Rivals' top 10 classes for 2019. Notice any similarities to the budget rankings?

If we want consistent top 10 or even top 20 recruiting rankings we have to be more competitive money-wise. But we can't, there's no way to get there. We're a "small market" program.
Nov 14, 2010
In 2018 we had a top 30 recruiting budget in Football, and football took less than 40% of the overall recruiting budget that was used.

OU uses almost 50% of their budget on football recruiting.

If Gundy felt the need, I'm sure he could use close to 50% of the overall recruiting budget as well.

If Gundy used 50% of our overall recruiting budget, like OU and Iowa State, his recruiting budget would have been right on the cusp of the top 20 in 2018.

Iowa State is around 50% as well and have been way better at basketball than we have been.

So has OU for that matter and they use 10% more of the overall budget on football.

It is a falsehood that OSU football is still at some gigantic disadvantage that keeps us from recruiting better.

Gundy has been given the tools to recruit better than he is.

For instance.....
We missed out on every 4 star player in the State of Oklahoma this year and they live just down the road.

So....recruiting budget had nothing to do with that.
Oct 7, 2012
Because it’s the same “triplet” offense he’s been running since the Woods, Bell, Fields days with just a bit of zone read type stuff mixed in.
Again, just asking on behalf of my low football IQ:

What did Holgy and Monken run? I thought that was more “spread/air raid” because Weeden was a thrower (With a really good o-line)
Nov 14, 2010
In terms of changes being made

Gundy's offensive philosophy and overall conservatism reminds me of trying to force yourself to use a new golf club that you've never liked.

It's fine until you mishit your first shot in that round with that club.

Once that happens, you tend to go go right back to using the clubs you're most comfortable with.
Nov 16, 2013
Because it’s the same “triplet” offense he’s been running since the Woods, Bell, Fields days with just a bit of zone read type stuff mixed in.
Actually if you go back to his college years it does have a strong resemblance to the Thurman, Barry, Hart Lee years with less talented players on the O-Line.