Gundy’s comments today

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Sep 23, 2010
I don't like the optics of schools across the country trying to one-up each other by starting practices early. It seems like they could come to a consensus if that was a goal.

I am not a scientist or a doctor; and I hope a high level of caution is being used. I remember being in college and would do a lot of stupid things (usually in pursuit of the opposite sex). I hope this experiment goes well. I have friends that have got sick from this. Covid 19 is no joke. Some of the people that know me personally, know I work in entertainment- Check out some before/after pictures of Michael Yo (fun fact: his dad attended OSU's engineering program) or his Joe Rogan interview.

I freaking LOVE football. I love OSU football. I run the alumni chapter watch parties in Los Angeles. I would love for any of you guys to look us up if you're in LA on a gameday.

I also want the team, coaches, staff and their families to stay healthy.

I want a football season, but more importantly to me; I want it done the right way, and I hope it is being done that way.
By this logic, they should on campus where they are around mostly young people as opposed to their family members and such. If one of our coaches have a co-morbitiy, then they would have to look hard at limiting their time. Most of our coaches are in outstanding shape and still do not fall in the 80plus demographiscwho this virus seems to affect gravely.