Home stretch

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Nov 27, 2007
OK. Now the Thunder's past a couple post-All Star break tune-up games, time to look towards the home stretch of the regular season.

Thunder is currently 34-25, which is on pace for 47-35. To get there, the Thunder have to go 13-10. I think we'll do a bit better, due to not the toughest schedule remaining. I think this team could do as well as 16-7. Need to stay healthy, of course.

Over the next 23 games, the Thunder play:
- Only 8 games against teams currently with winning records, 5 of which will be home games.

Underrated stretch: The last 11 of the season.
- Will be played over a stretch of only 18 days (3 back-to-backs)
- 7 of the 11 will be on the road (Thunder only 12-17 on the road so far this year).

Thunder currently sit in the 7 seed, 3 games out of the 4th seed (Utah). Possible, but the game on Tuesday in OKC against Utah is critical to kick this push off.

Will be very interesting last month & a half of the regular season.