**Just a few things--Please read**

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Oct 15, 2003
We've had an increase in reported posts from this forum, so it's time to cover some basics.

* Language- Yes, we are a little more relaxed on this board, but lately there has been entirely too many "douchebags" and such words. Especially when it is part of the thread title. That means every time someone posts in it, it shows up on the front page..and that's not ok.

* Personal attacks - These too have been on the increase. Like the language issue, we are little more lax on this, but there is a line between bantering and attacking. Please be mindful of it.

* Don't be a whiner - If you choose to take part in this board, please have thick skin. It's the Bedlam & FLAME Board for Pete's sake! Don't report posts just because someone said something to hurt your fragile feelings.

Any questions? Ask someone else ;)
Not open for further replies.