Lincoln Riley's belly tattoo

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Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
Someone posted this on Texags and Shaggy. Enjoy.

Somebody posted this on Reddit and they took it down pretty quick... got it copied before it disappeared though.

tl;dr version: When Lincoln Riley was 18, he got a Sublime Hispanic looking sun design tattoo around his belly button. It was during spring break in Padre back in 2002. He had partied somewhat hard with some buddies and got talked into getting a tattoo to commemorate their good time on Spring Break '02. Nobody picked the tattoo out for him. He picked it out himself after crushing a sixer of Corona Light. He's ashamed as an adult now and it hurts his tummy too much to have it removed. So, now he usually keeps a shirt on at the beach and the pool.

The full story:

My cousin is from Muleshoe, Texas... hometown of Lincoln Riley. My cousin and Lincoln were, and still are, boys. Well during our senior year of high school we decided to make the trek down to Padre for Spring Break. They swung through Abilene to pick me up, and the group of us found a place to stay at right on the island. We proceeded to party for the entire week, and it was a great time before we all went to Lubbock, Canyon, College Station, etc.

Well... at some point, Lincoln decided that he wanted to get one of those Sublime sun tattoos around his belly button. He was pretty messed up, and most of us were too stupid to talk him out of it... so Lincoln got that tattoo right around his belly button.

This past weekend, my cousin texted Lincoln to ask if he still had the tattoo... and Lincoln said that nobody was supposed to know about that... but the removal procedure is too painful for him to go through so he's kept it all these years... he just doesn't ever take his shirt off in public.


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Jun 16, 2011
I heard the greatest Riley story ever told got bumped. What a great memory and props to Riley for being a tough SOB. I don’t know how many Corona Lights it’d take to numb the removal pain, but I’m sure one 6er wasn’t enough this go round.