Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

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Sep 12, 2013
Broken Arrow, OK
And evidently it's worse than that!

"After suffering their 4th loss of the season at the hands of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, the Frogs come back home to more bad news as starting QB Max Duggan is out due to injury, backup Michael Collins is rushed to the hospital with a lacerated kidney, Justin Rogers falls into the transfer portal, and now reports say Alex Delton has left the team."


Federal Marshal
Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
I personally thought the kid stepped out on that TD they reversed. However, like the announcers said, if it's not clear and obvious, then those words have no meaning. The biggest part to me was in the replay, you could clearly see that there were two officials looking directly at his feet and neither of them called him out.

I didn't watch the whole game but TCU's play calling in OT was absolutely atrocious. I don't think they are a particularly good football team this season. Baylor's undefeated season is held together with string and tape, last second FG to beat ISU, a blown call allowed them to get by Tech, unforced errors allowed them to beat OSU.......BUT sometimes you have to get the breaks to have a great season, and they've been just good enough to take advantage of them. I'd happily trade places with them.

I think they will get exposed vs OU, but I'm worried that a 11-3 NY6 bowl season will give them a huge bump in recruiting and potentially make things miserable for OSU fans for years to come.