MBB: Oklahoma State Cowboys vs #3 Kansas Jayhawks (ESPN2 8PM GIA BIG MONDAY)

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Jul 9, 2016
Lawton, OK
Jayhawks visits the JAYHAWK Killer Oklahoma State Cowboys! Jayhawks are 16-3 overall with heartbreaking loses to Villanova and Duke (by a combined score of 3 points). Kansas is 5-1 in conference play, with their only lost going to #1 Baylor.

This Kansas Squad is very good, but that has NEVER stopped the Cowboys. Kansas leads the Pokes overall 100 wins to 47 loses. Out of the past decade the record is 7 wins and 14 loses favoring the Jayhawks.....Oklahoma State has the best win percentage against KU compared to ANY other Big 12 team(Source). Let’s not forget, KU..has only been swept ONCE last decade and by guess who? Oklahoma State.

KU vs OSU will premiere in GIA @ 8PM on ESPN2(not plus). Be there for the rowdy!

And of course. A couple of words from HCMB:
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