MLB Draft

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Jul 16, 2005
Will Gragg/Battenfield leave? I generally assume anybody in the first 10 rounds is leaving, but not sure what others think.

Gragg is believed to have the potential to throw better velocities (I’ve heard upper 90s) as his technique improves- so it’s not surprising he’s a high pick. Still surprised Elliott is still undrafted.
They will sign. They are both juniors and have leverage to get a bonus close to or above slot value.


Oct 27, 2003
McKinney, TX
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Launch angle is all the rage in MLB now. That’s why home runs and strikeouts are at a all time time

20 years ago it was a rarity for a pitcher to have a double digit strikeout rate per 9 innings. Now days it’s common place. Some have strikeout rates above 14

I personally don’t think it’s good for the game but the analytics experts do

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Sep 30, 2004
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What are the chance's either Boone or Elliott come back.

Not very high, IMO, but I'm not in the know. You never know with these things. A lot of it will depend on how much these teams are willing to offer. If both return to school and are lights out, they both could move into the top 10 rounds, but if you return and get injured, you could drop further than round 19. Who knows.
May 26, 2012
I would be surprised if most of these kids don’t come back. They can greatly improve their draft positions if they make gains next year in their stats. I am surprised Boone and Jensen did not go higher. I think Jensen’s Tommy John’s are scaring people off
Feb 4, 2004
I would say very good. I don’t think those rounds have much money and have a very good chance of being in the minors for your whole career.
The money is the same starting at round 11. The team can offer 125k without drawing from their pool so any round after 11 is basically the same.


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Sep 30, 2004
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Not great because if they come back they will improve their draft position but lose money because seniors have no bargaining power.

Ah, baseball players, quite possibly the most mistreated of all D1 athletes.... You're punished by not signing out of HS because you're probably going to have to pay at least a third of your own schooling. You're punished for returning for your senior year in order to pursue your degree because then you have no bargaining power with the MLB teams. It's maddening.

If you're not going to give them full ride scholarships, then give every single damn one of them a 5th year of eligibility so that they can get their degree in 4 years, and have bargaining power over the MLB teams.