New FB rules for 2019

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Jan 1, 2011
From Land Grant Blog as shown at Big XII media days. . .
tired to condense so discussions could be had without going back and forth.

I think they all are good changes for safety, etc, the Whorns down sign who cares.

Targeting rule changes
The first change is that if all elements of the targeting rule are not met, then the call will be overturned.
“In the past a call on the field would stand if there wasn’t anything to demonstrate that all elements were present. So in the replay booth this year, all elements of targeting must present themselves or the call will be overturned.”

Intent added to targeting
“The biggest change in the rule book this year that demonstrates targeting is the word “attacking” and you will see in the fourth piece there we are looking for those plays when a player is attacking another player. We have had some targeting fouls in the past where a player really is not initiating the contact but there has been helmet-to-helmet. Without that attacking piece, targeting will not stand this year.”

The last change to the targeting rule is a new multiple offense rule. It’s now three strikes and you’re out…for an additional game.
“If a student-athlete receives a third targeting foul during the course of a season, they will be out for the remainder of that game and they will also receive an automatic one-game suspension. There are not very many players that this applies to, I don’t know nationally what that is, but it’s under five. The point here is that we want to make sure that players are being taught not to engage in targeting action and if we do have repeat offenders to that degree they will be penalize an additional game.”

Overtime Changes
Starting this year, if a game goes past four overtimes, the game will be decided by 2-point tries.
“The first four overtimes this year will be played exactly the same way. Beginning with the fifth extra period we will no longer have the traditional overtime, we will immediately go to a two-poin
t try.

No More kickoff wedges
“We’re trying to prevent players from coming together on kickoffs and aligning together shoulder-to-shoulder starting up the field and creating a block where that kickoff cover player has to try and blow that wedge up.”

Horns Down "who cares"
Maybe, maybe not on ref calling it

The Blind-Side
“There is an SEC play of a year ago where there is an interception and we looked at it as supervisors, the quarterback throws an interception and say coming back up the field and while he’s now a player by definition he’s still a defensive player because he’s not involved and it’s fascinating because at the last minute he turns his head and his eyes get big because he sees he’s going to get hit and our discussion was does he see this coming? Well, just for a fraction of a second and not enough time to defend himself so this would still be a foul.
“When it comes to matters of safety we’re always going to err on the side of safety. So we want the player to behave to where you can push them, shove them, not drop a shoulder or your torso and get the same affect to spring the ball carrier without delivering a blow that might hurt somebody. I hope that helps.”
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Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
The horns down thing still ticks me off. I better see horns up penalized as well.

No wedges on returns, is the kick off return now well and truly dead? Might as well just get it over with and say all possessions start at the 25.

Can a QB throw a blind side block to free his running back?

Not sure what to think of the targeting changes, have to wait and see how they are actually applied in games.
Apr 7, 2006
Disagree. Celebrate your team and school-don’t taunt others. It’s always been a bad look. If you want your toothless fans doing it , so be it- but on the field it’s classless.