NOK - College football: Transfers to and from OU and OSU since the end of last season

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Feb 17, 2018

Transfer merry-go-round

Here's a look at the transfers to and from Oklahoma and Oklahoma State since the end of last season

Going out

Player, position (new school)


Ron Tatum, DL (NEO)

K’Jakyre Daley, DE (unannounced)

Derek Green, DT (Vanderbilt)#

Austin Kendall, QB (West Virginia)

Tyreece Lott, DE (unannounced)

Prentice McKinney, S (unannounced)

Logan Roberson, OL (UCO)

Jaylon Robinson, WR (UCF)

Oklahoma State

Darrion Daniels, DT (Nebraska)

Za’Carrius Green, S (unannounced)

Arlington Hambright, OL (Colorado)

J.D. King, RB (Georgia Southern)

John Kolar, QB (Iowa State)

Patrick Macon, LB (South Florida)

Jalen McCleskey, WR (Tulane)

Thabo Mwaniki, S (Houston)

Baron Odom, TE (unannounced)

Keondre Wudtee, QB (Northern Arizona)

Coming in

Player, position (former school)


Jalen Hurts, QB (Alabama)

R.J. Proctor, OL (Virginia)

Bryce Roberts, OL (New Mexico State)*

Oklahoma State

Israel Antwine, DL (Colorado)

Kyle Junior, DL (Bowling Green)

Jordan McCray, WR (South Alabama)

#-Signed in 2019 class, transferred

*-Walked on

Ryan Aber, Staff writer


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