NOK - OSU women's basketball: Vivian Gray, Braxtin Miller lead Cowgirls past Texas Tech

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018

By Scott Wright, Staff Writer,

STILLWATER — Oklahoma State's Vivian Gray had made her last three shots and was dribbling along the baseline as a Texas Tech defender came down to step in front of Gray's potential layup.

Without hesitation, Gray slung a pass to Braxtin Miller in the corner for a wide-open 3-pointer in the final minute of the third quarter.

Early in the fourth, it was Miller dishing to Gray for an open jumper that killed a Texas Tech run.

Playing off each other's success, Miller and Gray kept finding open shots as the sophomore showstoppers led the Cowgirls to a 65-57 win over Texas Tech on Saturday afternoon at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Gray had 26 points, nine rebounds and six assists, while Miller added 22 points and three assists, each playing more than 38 minutes.


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