Notre Dame Cathedral is burning - Ile de France

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Feb 15, 2007


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Oct 13, 2004
It's a piece of history that we will no longer have...started in the 12th century and finished 100 years later, Napoleon crowed himself emperor in that church taking the crown from the Pope and placing it on his own head, and that's just one thing that happened there. It's one of the best gothic buildings from the dark ages still in existence. It is huge inside, felt solemn and cavernous. While I doubt it's authenticity, they claim to have the crown of thorns inside. So sad...I prefer this picture...

This would be similar to the statue of liberty burning to the ground...

The artwork inside and trying not to damage with too much water may have been the downfall of the response (who knows). I would think that if this happened to an iconic monument in the USA we would have more than one stream of water on the blaze far faster.

Glad I visited before this tragedy, hope everyone is ok.