Official Game Thread: Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State

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Dec 17, 2011
Sanders looks confident. He looks confident in his throwing ability now, he already knows he can run. But the improvement from last year to this year is very noticeable. The offensive players look more excited too because the speed is back to what they are used to.


Oct 23, 2003
Outside of the really bad interception (first one was a really nice play by defense), Sanders exceeded my expectations passing the ball first game back. He is improved from a year ago. And he made some nice runs. But for me, I think his running could really improve. If he used that speed to set his foot in the ground and go north and south, he would gain a lot more yards. He's always trying to get to the outside when he's running and gives up what looks like 5-6 yards he could have easily gained. But for passing, he passed it just as well as Illingworth did. I'm encouraged by what I saw from Sanders.
I was yelling for him to cut upfield several times when Iowa State was stringing him out to the sidelines. Then I remembered that he is coming back from a several ankle injury and making sharp cuts upfield may not be a good ideal for awhile.