Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State

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Nov 19, 2007
Junction City, KS
Time to bounce back against another Kansas-based team, I suppose.

We've faced adversity before. This is just another flavor of it. There's still something in this season that's good, waiting to get out. Hopefully, this game is the start of that. Kansas State is another one of those teams we should beat. And it's another one of those teams that can look mediocre until they play us. So we'll have to be ready for a lot of Snyder-ball. Let's get this win, get to 5, and hunt for bowl eligibility so these young guys we do have get the extra practices they'll need for next year.

I'm not saying this season is lost, by any means. I'm just saying two losses nobody really saw coming shouldn't shake what we all are at our core: loyal and true.

Go Pokes! Beat the Wildcats!

Oklahoma State University Cowboys vs. Kansas State University Wildcats
Kickoff: Saturday, October 13, 2018, 11:00 AM CDT
at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Manhattan, KS

2018 Records
OSU 4-2(1-2), KSU 2-4 (0-3)
OSU leads the series, 39-25
Suddenlink: 407
Cox: 253
DirecTV: 208
DiSH: 141

Cowboy Radio Network (93.7 FM)
Sirius 135, XM 200, Internet 954

Listen Online

OSU Roster

OSU Game Notes

KSU Roster

KSU Game Notes


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Aug 11, 2011
Just getting up and around.
Here's the uniform for today.

Nice look

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Territorial Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
I'm driving. Anyone watching gameday? Have they mentioned our game?

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