Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

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Nov 19, 2007
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Another year, another Bedlam match up that means every thing to both teams.

It's everyone's favorite week, where the memes flow freely on everyone's Facebook accounts, and you hate that one guy in the office with the OU stuff hanging up just a little bit more than the other 51 weeks. The week where it means more when you tell the joke about the OU football player and the OU basketball player arguing in the woods whether or not those are bear tracks or deer tracks, and then eventually getting hit by the train. The week where we all start dreaming of a Bedlam victory and a full year of puffing our chests out at our neighbors.

It can happen, if our defense has anything to say about it.

This team has proven that it can find a victory when it looks like victory didn't get off the bus. Win this one, and the conference championship game practically has our name filled in as a participant. However, all these are pipedreams unless we can channel some 2014 or 2001 mojo and beat that team down south.

It's time to put the hammer down.

Go Pokes! Beat the Sooners!

Oklahoma State University Cowboys vs. University of Oklahoma Sooners
Kickoff: Saturday November 21, 2020, 6:30 PM CT
at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Norman, OK

2020 Records
OSU 5-1 (4-1), OU 5-2 (4-2)
OU leads the series, 88-19-7
Suddenlink: 5
DirecTV: 5

Cowboy Radio Network (93.7 FM)
Sirius 84, XM 84, Internet 84
Discord Chat Server

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Listen Online

OSU Roster

OSU Game Notes

OU Roster

OU Game Notes


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Aug 11, 2011
The team is in Norman already. Here's them leaving town earlier today.

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Nov 27, 2007


Bedlam Victory Playlist! Number 1 Song at the time of every OSU victory in Bedlam.

Over There - Nora Bayes
I Wonder What’s Become Of Sally - Al Jolson
My Blue Heaven - Paul Whiteman
Body And Soul - Paul Whiteman
Please - Bing Crosby
The Last Round-Up - George Olson
You Always Hurt the One You Love - Mills Brothers
It's Been a Long Long Time - Harry James
I Hear a Symphony - Supremes
Winchester Cathedral - The New Vaudeville Band
If You Leave Me Now - Chicago
Exhale - Whitney Houston
Candle in the Wind - Elton John
The First Night - Monica
Family Affair - Mary J Blige
Lose Yourself - Eminem
We Found Love - Rihanna
Blank Space - Taylor Swift

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Jan 13, 2005
I heard on the radio that Springfield is back and Sills will move back to guard. Is that true? If so I feel a whole lot better about the OL tonight.
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