Oklahoma State baseball to face TCU in the first round of the B12 tournament

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Oct 16, 2003
I’m more concerned with what our pitching strategy will be: Start Standlee Wed and Joe Thursday maybe? Wanting Jensen at full rest saves the back end of the tourney but creates questions for the early games.


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Sep 30, 2004
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After how he pitched against Baylor, I would toy with the idea of starting Stone against TCU, then Joe, then Elliott, then Scott. Not saying I would do it, just would consider it. If you can get him going, he could be a very valuable starter in the back end of a regional after you’ve gone through your entire starting rotation, if it comes to that. I really really liked what I saw from him against Baylor. They were just beating balls into the turf or popping up. Just an idea. I like keeping joe at Thursday this week and Elliott on Friday.
Sep 29, 2015
This isn't an ideal draw unfortunately. TCU has the 2nd worst RPI of the tournament teams but will most likely throw Lodolo, who might be the best pitcher in the league. Going to face a tough pitcher with minimal RPI boost from a win but could take a RPI hit with a loss.
Feb 27, 2018
Good luck in the postseason. Before then, here's Bill Haisten's recap of the final game at Allie P:

STILLWATER — During the ’80s, Allie P. Reynolds Stadium was new and among the better facilities in college baseball.

The advent of Allie P. coincided with a phenomenal decade for the Oklahoma State program. There wasn’t a national title, but there was everything else. There were rock stars Pete Incaviglia, Robin Ventura and Gary Ward. There were nine Big Eight championships and seven consecutive trips to the College World Series.

Today, there is a universal excitement about the development of a $60 million palace – O’Brate Stadium, which next year becomes the state-of-the-art home of OSU baseball.

During its rookie season in 1981, Allie P. was considered a dazzling ballpark. Today, it is inadequate and outdated, and yet it remains a venue for which OSU people have tremendous affection.
And here's the Big 12 tournament preview.


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Feb 6, 2007
Only problem with this game is the 7:30 first pitch will probably be about 9:30! Only allowing 3 hours of game time with 30 min in between 4 games is a recipe for a LAAAAAATE night for the Pokes!
Feb 18, 2009
Nice Rpi at 8 right now. I think get 1 at the tournament and should feel good about hosting. Lose 2 straight and might have to sweat a little selection time.
Hosting as a National Seed?

I find it extremely hard to believe they don't already have a regional sewn up. Could be wrong though.
Mar 1, 2005
Enid, Oklahoma
Hosting as a National Seed?

I find it extremely hard to believe they don't already have a regional sewn up. Could be wrong though.
Reading the chat on D1baseball, those guys seem to think a host is definitely locked up. They also believe we have a shot at a National Seed, right now battling with ECU and Georgia Tech for the 8th spot. It sounds like Texas Tech is their 7th and has the upper hand on the other three.

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Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
It seems to me we we're a lock for top 16 host, I think we have to make the tourney finals to be a national seed. Lose a quick two in OKC, and were probably down to a 12-15 seed, with a tougher super regional and a UCLA/Vandy/Georgia type. Win one or two and its 8-11 with someone like Louisville or Georgia Tech. Of course we have to get that far first, but just speculating.