Oklahoma State Cowboys vs #16 West Virginia Mountaineers (ESPN2 @8PM)

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Jul 9, 2016
Lawton, OK
Cowboys(9-4) host the #16 Nolaeers (11-2) tonight @ 8PM. Had a rough start in our Big 12 opener (something Boynton and Gundy share in common) against Taco Tech, but I believe the boys will bounce back tonight. Go pokes!

Mountaineers are looking mighty strong this season with wins against current #11 Ohio State, #23 Wichita State and lost a thriller by two scores against #3 Kansas.

Some history facts against the Mountaineers. Cowboys had played the Mountaineers 15 times, dating back all the way in 1959. Current W record is 8 Wins and 7 loses favoring the good guys. Cowboys have won the last 3 straight against the Mountaineers.

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Aug 26, 2009
When do spring semester classes start?

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I think next Monday. Not many students there, or anyone really. But that’s how it’s going to be until this team starts winning more games over an extended period of time.
There will be a slight bump when classes start back, but certainly not enough to pack the house or anything.

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