Orange pride sponsor explains story.

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Feb 7, 2007
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At this point, it just kinda goes without sayin', but I'll say it anyway.

This guy is a slimy piece of crap. He's a rotten bastard, and his journalism career is over, done finished. Without lying about who he is, or wearing disguise, he'll never be granted another interview, ever.

This guy ain't Chris Hansen, folks, he's done.
This guy has pulled this same crap before and is still getting gigs at places like SI. SI may let him go (quietly) but for some reason that I just can't understand, I doubt his career as a "journalist" is over. Pat Jones said the other day that this guy must have incriminating pictures of somebody that allows him to keep getting work.
Oct 27, 2009
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This one?

Statement from Shayla (Givens) Simpson posted to her Facebook page:

To answer all of the questions about whether that was me in the report in SI, yes it was me. And yes some of it is what I said, but taken out of context or didn't convey the full extent of the conversation. Here is the statement that I sent OSU Athletics yesterday (Prior to the Release of the article). Being part of the fourth story, there is a common theme of what this reporter did to get the information on each aspect of the daily stories. I am proud of the family I have through OSU and proud of Orange Pride and Oklahoma State Football! (Sorry it's long but details my encounter with Mr. Evans)

OSU Orange Pride Statement

I had the honor to be the Orange Pride Advisor and Recruiting Assistant for Oklahoma State University Football from '03-'04.

The week of Aug 19th a gentleman came to my office and asked to speak with me; I wasn't in the office at that time. He would not leave his name, just said he would come back. Tuesday, August 27th at 9am that gentleman came back. Thayer Evans was this man, but figured out later, that he was no gentleman. He had not tried to contact me any other way than just to show up at my office unannounced and uninvited. He started the conversation off by letting me know that he wanted to talk (he didn’t say interview) with me about the history of the OSU hostess program or Orange Pride (OP). He prefaced that this talk was about the program being one of the first, how it has changed and grown over time and how it has become the huge program it is today.

Of course, I am very proud of the Orange Pride program and the girls who dedicated their time, so I was willing to tell the great stories. I am still a proud alumnus, season ticket holder to OSU Football and still feel like I am part of the athletic family, so I did tell Mr. Evans that before this story is printed; I would want to let Coach Gundy and the football office know that I had spoken to someone about OP. This wasn't because I had anything to hide, I have a PR/media background and that is common courtesy. In writing this now, as all has come to light regarding the SI articles, no contact or correspondence has taken place from Mr. Evans or SI since he left my office that day.

Mr. Evans asked me about the process of selecting girls for the Orange Pride program. I informed him that it was an application/interview process. First, the girls who are interested in the program filled out an application, then myself and another football assistant would look through the applicants. We looked at school involvement, would they have the time based on other organizations, grades and why did they wanted to be involved with football. We would narrow down the applications and me, a football assistant and a past/current Orange Pride member would interview them. We would then continue to narrow it down and then we would have either Coach Miles or Coach Henson interview the girls. Then they would let us know their thoughts and I would make the final decisions. I also reminded Mr. Evans that this was ten years ago and I went through one or two new class interviews.

He asked me how much time that the OP girls spent with the coaches. Each OP girl had to do so many hours of work for the football office. So they would help get prepared for recruiting visits, worked for other coaches assistants, work throughout the athletic dept. (i.e. the media office, academics, or other depts.) as well as work for football coaches as needed.

I explained that each girl devotes a great deal of time to the program. They are there every game day hours prior to kick-off, and during official recruiting season, were there most weekends. It was not a small time commitment to be part of Orange Pride. During game day, half of the OP girls would be outside selling orange towels (or programs as they did in years prior) while the other half was in the Varsity Room welcoming recruits and their families to Oklahoma State University. They were ambassadors of the program. They were asked to mingle and not sit in groups, spread out around the room, eat and talk with the families. Prior to kickoff they would escort all of the recruits and family members to the sidelines to watch warm-up, then were guided to their seats in the stands. The OP girls sat on the first two rows with the recruits and families behind them. At that time OP, myself and all of the recruits and their families were in section 107.

I then explained official recruiting schedules as I remembered them… Friday evening was a social (in Willard Hall) where we would invite the recruits, academic staff, and football staff. Then we would bus them to dinner at Karsten Creek. There was an OP girl designated to each recruit to help introduce them to everyone at the event. Saturday the OP girls gave campus tours in groups and then had meetings with position coaches, then dinner in the O-Club Room. Sunday Morning before each recruit left to head home they would meet individually with Coach Les Miles.

Mr. Evans then asked if part of the girl’s time was spent driving to the airport to pick up the recruits. I informed him that OP girls did not go to the airport to pick up recruits - that was almost always done by Football Teaching Assistants, but never done by OP. He also asked me if after these dinners or after the games, if the OP girls went out with the recruits. I let him know that they were not to go out with them; but that it is a small town college and we knew there were chances that they would end up in the same places.

At this time in the talk, Mr. Evans informed me that he had knowledge from OP girls and players that there was sex with the recruits and also with coaches. I told him adamantly that it was not to my knowledge and that I didn’t believe it happened during my year as advisor. He then informed me, that he knew that it was specifically my year and was specifically my girls. He said that there was a small core of girls who were providing sex and felt pressure from the football coaches and myself. Again, I adamantly denied knowing anything about it and that there was no pressure on the girls to do any such thing. It was quite the opposite, Coach Miles, I and Coach Henson always stressed that they were a classy organization and in no way were to have any misconduct with the recruits. In fact, it was repeatedly stressed and told to them that it was against OSU, NCAA, and program policy to have any sexual relations with recruits. I told him that we were aware of OP girls dating current “players” but that was allowed. I made the analogy that why would a college girl want to have sex or mess around with a high school junior or senior, I just didn’t believe it would happen, if given the choice I figured they would always choose a college athlete.

Multiple times he said, “You had to of known what was going on, you had to of…” I would again tell him that I, 100% against everything in my life, did not know anything was happening with recruits. The “provoking and leading” of questioning on this was un-real from Mr. Evans. I informed him that with so many OP girls, I found it extremely hard to imagine that someone would not have heard something and that it would not have gotten back to me or other staff members. If we had known, the person would have been immediately released from Orange Pride, no tolerance.

He told me that he had done research on me personally, where I had worked and spoken with people who knew me, to know that I was going to tell the honest truth. I informed him that I thought that was extremely creepy that he had done research on me.

Then he backtracked to my comment of the OP girls working for coaches and asked if I knew that I had girls having sex with coaches. Again, I informed him I had no idea! I again told him that yes, they could help the coaches with office work but in no way did I ever insinuate that it would be okay to sleep with a coach.

He asked if I ever had a request from a coach to specifically pair a specific OP girl with a specific recruit and my answer was “yes”. We had girls that were more outgoing, more talkative, and some more reserved. If a coach knew that a recruit would be better paired with an outgoing person, we would try and do that. We had some kids on official visits that we knew had never left their small town and were reserved, so we would pair them with someone that might not overwhelm them. Coach Henson would see the pairings before the recruiting weekend, most of the time he had the same opinion I did on pairing.

I asked him who had given him this information and he wouldn’t divulge a name or names. I then asked him if it came from a girl who admitted she did these things or person who pointed fingers at someone else. All he would say was that he had a small group of players and OP girls that were part of these allegations.

Mr. Evans knowing I was shocked and upset tried to get me to understand that “He” had a moral and ethical obligation to tell this story no matter what his thoughts and feelings were about OSU. Again, I told him they couldn’t have felt pressure from the staff, or myself and it was always told to them how it was “not allowed” - period.

So a conversation that started out as questions about a story over the history of Orange Pride quickly turned out to be a discussion about “My” OP girls having sex with recruits and coaches. Mr. Evans never took a note and didn’t have a recorder that he showed me or asked to use. I informed him after, I completely felt ambushed on the real story, that if he printed my name out of context that I would sue him. At that time, I felt like he was untrustworthy. He thanked me for my time and as he headed for the door, I also told him that if he intended to print my name, that he had to send me a copy of the story first and he didn’t have approval to use my OSU Orange Pride comments.

I immediately called the Director of Operations, with OSU Football to inform him of Mr. Evans approaching and talking with me about this story and what he had told me about the allegations about Orange Pride, the recruits, and the coaches.

I am telling my side of the story prior to the SI article coming out tomorrow because I have absolutely nothing to hide about my year as Orange Pride advisor. I worked with a group of amazing girls who gave their time, hard work and hearts to the program. Orange Pride isn’t for the faint of heart. We tell them that they will hear insinuation of what people think the program is about and we just have to constantly prove them wrong, and I believe with all my heart these girls did that. Is there always a bad apple that can spoil the bunch, yes! But I was not aware of any bad apples on Orange Pride, had we been aware of it, they would have been asked to leave the program. I spent so much time with these girls in my office and outside of the office, other than at the football stadium. We had scavenger hunts, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, movie nights and more. We became family to each other and to the football program. It breaks my heart that someone would make the accusations about a group of girls and a program that I have so much respect. I enjoy the opportunity to continue to stay in touch with some of these women, and watching them grow up, get amazing jobs, get married and start families.

So if we talk about moral and ethical obligation, I feel like I need to stand up and tell the truth about these girls and this program. My opinion is that ethics and morals are something that Mr. Evans lacks entirely or he would not be reporting on hear-say, he would be reporting facts (of which he has none) and would not have included the names of people that can’t refute his statements. I feel that any report he has made, lacks journalistic integrity and fact.
Thank you for your service to OSU. I am sorry you had to go through this.


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May 2, 2007
At this point, it just kinda goes without sayin', but I'll say it anyway.

This guy is a slimy piece of crap. He's a rotten bastard, and his journalism career is over, done finished. Without lying about who he is, or wearing disguise, he'll never be granted another interview, ever.

This guy ain't Chris Hansen, folks, he's done.
I hope you're right jakeman.

Like I've already posted, I'm having a tough time not wishing this a-hole physical bodily harm.

It's just sometimes it takes a good "asskicking" for some people to finally get the message.


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Aug 20, 2004
Thank you for your service to OSU. I am sorry you had to go through this.
No doubt. These women do not deserve this anymore than 3 deceased proud Cowboys or John Talley does. This comes off more like a series of cheap shots using the words of a few. Pretty sad.

That woman sounds like an amazing ambassador for the University and Athletic Department. Her words exude class and dignity, something seriously lacking in all of the reporting.