OrangePower Tailgate - Purple Wildcat Edition

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Oct 26, 2003
Carl Junction, MO
Time for us to get together and try to help our Cowboys get back to our winning ways.

Where - Our spot on the South side of Ag Hall
When - Lot opens at 8:00 AM.
Who - Anybody/everybody.
Menu -Spicy Smoked Chicken (will have a less spicy option as well) - sweet potatoes, and green beans

The game time is set for 6:00 PM which means we have all day to enjoy each other's company. Still supposed to be warm, but nothing like last home game. High 80s is the current forecast. So come join us. The smoker will be smoking, the music will be playing, and the good guys are still in orange. Perfect day to hang out.

I've had a couple requests to make some chicken that isn't quite as spicy as I have made it the last couple years. So I will make about 30% of the chicken (smoking 100 pounds of legs and thighs) be less sweat inducing. If you haven't had my smoked chicken and you like spicy food, you owe it to yourself to come by and eat. We generally start serving the meal about 2 hours prior to kickoff.

If you are a KState fan and are coming into town, come by and see us. I promise that you will be treated well.

It is a Premier League weekend, so we will be set up early so we can watch some world football. First match is Sheffield vs Liverpool at 6:30 AM. Come join @CowboyJD and me and make a two sport tailgate.

Lastly, for the first time in a few seasons, we have a tailgate very close to ours. Be courteous to them, go say "hi" and make sure they feel welcome. There was a little drama as I tried to settle into our spot last week, but we got everything worked out and had a great game day, other than the temps. Lets do what we've always done, kill them with kindness and show them how we party.

Scholarship drive for 2019: Since the 2012 season, the generosity of people donating has allowed us to donate at least $1000 to OSU for scholarships after every season. The hope is that we can accomplish that goal again this year.

A couple notes:
  • While we aren't responsible for enforcing the no tobacco rules on campus, most people appreciate being smoke free. So if you wish to smoke, please move away from the tents to do so. We had a couple instances in prior years of people smoking under or right next to the tents. Not a good situation. Please respect those around you in their choice to be smoke free.
  • There is always some confusion on donations. There are two different items for donations: One is for the tailgate. This is done either to David Harrell or in the tailgate tip jar. This is primarily to cover the expenses of the tailgate, with all funds over the costs going to the scholarship fund which is documented above.. The second is at the Intoxicologist's vehicle. This helps him offset the cost of what he provides. I know this is confusing, and we wish it weren't for the best to keep these things separate, but there are a few reasons why we need to keep it like this. So continue to be as generous as you can.
David Harrell
Nov 21, 2011
I know I have seen it posted somewhere before, but where is the rideshare aka Uber/Lyft pickup and drop off at the stadium? Lyft has a deal with a hand full of schools and OSU is one. If you select what game you are going to they give you a 5$ discount. Which isn’t huge, but it may still be cheaper than parking all together if you are in the Stilly area.


Aug 1, 2006
Oklahoma City
Storm, I would recommend we save Karaoke for homecoming. Jeff won't be there(wedding) and they'll be a bigger crowd. Plus, as you said, they're talking about the chance of rain through the morning.