OSU Baseball Fall Scrimmage with Arkansas Saturday (Allie P.)

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SBC presents Mattbob
Oct 16, 2003
You needed a bye week activity - make it OSU baseball. Arkansas comes to Stillwater for a 14 inning scrimmage, free admission, beginning at noon.

Arkansas packed the house in Fayetteville for their scrimmage with OU. Wicklander and Noland should throw for Arkansas and those are All-SEC arms, we will be facing. Their top hitters Kjerstad and Casey Martin have combined to hit 59 home runs over their careers for the Razorbacks. OU's pitching kept Arkansas off balance, but we will be facing them at the end of their fall practice when we are just getting started so expect them to be ready to attack.

For the Cowboys, we have a ton of new arms that will be counted on to step up and play big roles. It's early in the fall so I don't feel comfortable talking about what we have there yet, outside of Ace Parker Scott, and Brett Standlee, who seems to be destined for a closer role.

On the diamond, Positions that should be fairly in stone: Corner outfield, Cade Cabbiness, and Carson McCusker, 1st Alix Garcia, I would go further and say SS is Huey Morril's to lose. 2nd looks to be Cape Star Kaden Polcovich's to lose. So that leaves position battles at CF, 3rd, and Catcher.

CF- features two solid defensive options Noah Sifrit and Caeden Trenkle. Noah has hit when given opportunities, excellent speed, and big-time arm. From what I've seen of Trenkle - Kid can play. He's made web gem catches out there, has the speed, and seems to hit well. I didn't expect a freshman to step up and take this spot, but it's certainly possible. Polcovich can play CF if these guys don't hit and that would open second up to Dylan Gardner, Max Hewitt, and newcomers Gage Gaunt + Brayley Hollins. I imagine both newcomers to be redshirt candidates, but are good players and true examples of how deep this recruiting class is. Another name in the outfield to watch is speedster JT Mounce. We've got him learning the corner outfield position, but he could play a big role for OSU down the road, especially after some time in the weight room.

Third - candidates: Max Hewitt (solid bat and solid glove). Max has been clutch through the years for us, but it always seems like he's in Josh's doghouse or something, and so he doesn't play. I suspect he begins the year at third, but somehow disappears even though he is hitting. The two newcomers to watch here are Blake Robertson and Jake Thompson. Blake was drafted by the Twins in the 26th round, solid freshman, 179th best kid in high school and top 5 in Oklahoma. Big frame. Jake Thompson is a Kentucky transfer, redshirted for them last year and played well in the Northwoods summer league. Kentucky described him as good with the bar and able to lay down drag bunts or drive it into the gap.

Catcher - Returning Josh Speigel, Jake Taylor, Brock Mathis (LSU), and Nick DeNicola (Paris JUCO, after West Virginia).
I didn't see Jake this weekend so he may be hurt, but Josh has always liked Jake Taylor and he's always been a good bat. Josh Speigel redshirted for us last year and was developing last fall, but he got mono before the season started last year and lost 20 lbs and he had to work his way back. He's a solid young kid that Victor Romero has been coaching up. Brock Mathis was the starting catcher for LSU last year before transferring. He struggled at the plate but was a solid defensive glove. If he can hit, he would be a great addition to our alignment. DeNicola redshirted at WV, then went to Paris for JUCO and found his way here. Solid arm, and hit .430 in JUCO (but you never know if that will translate to this level. Jake Northern and Max Hewitt may get looks at catcher, but I'd put them behind the other 4.
Feb 25, 2018
North Texas
Kendall Rogers of D1 Baseball just reported that Casey Martin of Arkansas recently broke his hamate bone and had to have surgery to remove it. So we won’t be seeing him at Allie P this weekend. I never knew what a hamate bone was until a couple of years ago when Donnie Walton broke his. Now it seems like I hear of 3-4 kids a year breaking them.