OSU Baseball v Southeastern Louisiana

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SBC presents Mattbob
Oct 16, 2003
First pitch at 6 tonight.

They’re a traditionally quality ball club so it’d be a good series to come see and I think OSU has a family discount on tickets. - they have started slow at 6-10, but they’ve been a regional team the last few years and 2 of those losses are to top10 teams.

But in my pre-series thinking, I noticed an oddity about their strategy. They’re 4th in the country in HBP with 39 in 16 games. It’s up and down their lineup and in every game. They have to be just sitting over the plate and/or throwing an elbow out there. They’ll also draw a fair number of BBs.

Once on base expect to them to run. They steal bases at a decent clip, with almost no bunts. Could be they get on with outs or their strategy. So keep an eye out for that.

I expect to see some of you at Allie P heckling over these inflated HBP stats.
Aug 22, 2006
SE Oklahoma
Thanks for the update, you can catch most of the home games on Youtube as well. Being in the stands is the best way to watch, watching on youtube is better than not being able to follow at all.
Feb 25, 2018
North Texas
How is that a single? He had it in his glove in plenty of time, bobbled it and couldn't get it out and complete the play. That's an error.

I agree with you and now the scorer has changed his mind and agrees with you and me!