OSU football: Jordan Brailford stars in Cowboys' defensive show

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The Car'a'carn
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Apr 5, 2012
STILLWATER — Jordan Brailford appeared on the field at his usual position of defensive end.
Then the Oklahoma State junior lined up at outside linebacker.
Then middle linebacker.
And no matter where he came from, Boise State couldn't seem to block him. He finished with six tackles, three sacks — the first Cowboy in 11 years to manage that — and two forced fumbles as No. 24 OSU knocked off 17th-ranked Boise State 44-21 Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium.
“There were some plays he was in the backfield so fast he missed the tackle,” said first-year OSU defensive coordinator Jim Knowles, who was like a kid with a new toy in his usage of Brailford to harass Boise quarterback Brett Rypien.