OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

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Oct 30, 2007
So when do we know what happens with the appeal?
We had to file the appeal by June 20th. The NCAA's timeline for the appeals process is 110 days, but that can be extended based off the complexity of the case. So no one knows for sure. I wouldn't expect to hear anything for at least a few months.


Oct 27, 2003
McKinney, TX
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Exactly. Plus, there just aren't many dominant big men in the college game (or pro game for that matter) now. I think we'll be fine, with length up and down the lineup with 5 guys on the floor that can get a shot up at any given time.
We will have mismatches all over the place. Of course the other team will too every now and then but we'll be insanely athletic. I would expect some zone options as well with some extremely long top and wing set ups. A Boheim match up zone for short bursts could be very tough. a 1-3-1 3/4 court trap would be fun too in spurts. Get some cheap dunks and when we fall back, tons of ball pressure where we can exploit those longer players.
I strongly disagree with the take that losing Yor is okay. I honestly think it’s a huge blow. I would definitely be focusing on trying to change his mind from transferring.

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I honestly don’t understand why you think this. He was never a huge factor in winning games for Oklahoma State. He could barely stay in the game because he’s a fouling machine. Yes he can block shots at a prolific rate when he’s able to stay in the game but the rest of his defense is not particularly impressive and in clutch time in close games he’s usually sitting on the bench or fouled out. The assertion by someone earlier on this thread that he was a first round NBA pick is ludicrous. I question whether he’s even going to be drafted in the NBA. He might be picked up by somebody like the Oklahoma City Blue to try to develop him but he’s far from NBA material at the present moment.
Yeah I disagree. So post defense is like the most important thing to a defense due to its proximity to the rim and covering/helping the perimeter players on D, and it’s way more important than a center’s ability to score in the modern era. Yor being a phenomenal shot blocker is the most important skill one can have at the Center position. Also, that’s not his only defensive skill, Yor is incredibly switch-y and shockingly adept on the perimeter staying in front of guys.

The fact that he had foul problems can’t really be debated, but that was pretty easily negated by having Kalib. I’d also defend his If Yor’s terrible games were just him going to the bench I’d like to have the upside of the guy who has chance to block 6 shots in a game on the team and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.

Srsly, everyone go back and remember the 2018 season. Yor was probably the best player on the team down the stretch but that’s not actually what I’m getting at. Remember how miserable it was having to turn to the Cam at the 5 line ups for more than 4 game minutes? Playing with no rim protection and no help D? Having 2 bigs is essential to team success. Especially when KU and WVU are going to be very big physical teams.

I think I actually agree with a lot of you that Kalib was about to explode, his skillset is really based on intelligent positioning, great hands & body control, and screening. He’s like the perfect college big for the pick & roll and all the scouts describe Cade as a pick&roll mastermind. But I still think that Yor’s defense is far and away a game changer. Would much prefer the chance to go 20-20 with the bigs? Also I think ppl over estimate how much game time a big can play even not in foul trouble... he’s gonna only probably average 27 minutes a game which means 13 minutes with Keylan at the 5? Ouch.

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Couldn’t rebound and fouled out early. We will miss him but he’s not Bill Russell

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