OSU signed items for sale...Christmas Gifts??? =)

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Jan 14, 2007
I'm selling a few things from my large collection that I've had for years. I know Christmas is around the corner and though someone might want something to give for a gift or to have for them self. Here is a list of items I have for sale. Please email me at Johnslawns@hotmail.com if your interested in anything and I'll send you pics of the items listed. Thanks and GO POKES!!!

4 Barry Sanders signed OSU jersey's (all have coa's and one I've had costumed framed) $200 for the non- framed jersey's $400 for framed one
Thurman Thomas signed OSU jersey( Custom Framed)$500
Justin Blackmon signed OSU Nike jersey $100
John Lucas signed OSU Nike jersey-$125
Tony Allen signed OSU Nike jersey-$100
Keiton Page signed OSU Nike jersey-$100
Pete Incaviglia Signed OSU jersey--$150
Dez Bryant signed OSU jersey--$150
Joseph Randel signed OSU jersey--$100
Kendal Hunter signed OSU jersey--$100

Josh Fields Signed Baseball
Dez Bryant signed OSU mini helmets --$100
Golf Digest signed by Rickie Fowler-$75
Golf balls signed by Charles Howell III and Bo Van Pelt-$50
Tatum Bell & Darrent Williams Signed lithograph custom framed(pics of them signing )$150
Hank Iba signed Oklahoma state OSU Index Card-$50
Kicking tee signed by Quinn Sharp
10 or so different 8x10 signed photos(Desmond Mason, John Lucas, Tony Allen, R.W McQuarters, Joey Graham, Tatum Bell, Brandon Pettigrew, and more
lots of game used sports cards from all OSU players in every sport.

All my items are either signed in person or I've got them from buyers that had respectable COA's with each item. IF you have any questions again please let me know


Patrick Lavine Game used cleats and gloves $200( I have a COA and a pic of him holding the items)