PFB - Alex Dieringer Wins Gold at Yasar Dogu

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Feb 17, 2018
At this point this is probably not news to anyone reading this, but Alex Dieringer is one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Ringer gets his gold medal

— FloWrestling (@FloWrestling) July 13, 2019

He went to Istanbul, Turkey to wrestle in the Yasar Dogu and dominated.

His first match was a tech in just under a minute. After hitting his patented dump he locked up a gut wrench and ended the match quickly.

Vintage Ringer.

He's heading to the semis.

— FloWrestling (@FloWrestling) July 12, 2019

He followed that up by knocking off the 7th-ranked wrestler in the world Bahman Mohammad Teymouri (IRI) 4-0. His final was a really similar match as he took out Akhsarbek Gulaev of Slovakia 4-1, only giving up a push-out point near the end of the match.

This queues up the big showdown with Kyle Dake next month in Austin for the US World Team Spot. Dieringer’s only loss this year was to Russian Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov at the Yarygin Grand Prix. Gadzhimagomedov is said to be injured and not expected to wrestle at the World Championships in Kazakhstan. Many now see this match with Dake as the de facto World Title match.

If Dieringer beats Dake his win here should set him up at the #2 seed at the World Championships. USA Wrestling lays out the scenario here. Dieringer won and neither of Benferdjallah of Algeria or Rana of India finished second. Which means Dieringer is currently in 4th in seeding points. If he beats Dake that brings him up to #3 by eliminateing Dake. If Gadzhimagomedov does not wrestle, which is expected, Dieringer then becomes the #2 seed behind Jabrayil Hasanov who Dieringer beat last year.

This title was Dieringer’s fourth tournament win of 2019 after winning the Dan Kolov, the US Open, the World Team trials tournament, and now the Yasar Dogu.

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