PFB - Chuba Hubbard and Trevor Lawrence Headline Good Works Team

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Feb 17, 2018
Chuba Hubbard is one of 22 college football players to be recognized for their performance off the field and in their communities as part of the AFCA Good Works Team, the presenting sponsor of the team, Allstate, announced on Wednesday.

Only 11 of the 22 recognized are FBS Division-I players, headlined by Hubbard and Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence — both of whom have Heisman-contending expectations in 2020. The 22 were chosen from a final roster of 149 nominees across Divisions I, II, III and the NAIA.

“With so many unexpected challenges this year, it’s inspiring to see this group of talented athletes use their voices and actions to make a difference in their communities,” Pam Hollander, vice president of consumer marketing for Allstate, said in a release. “Allstate believes that celebrating positive change creates vibrant and resilient communities, and recognizing acts of kindness these players demonstrate is a vital part of our protection of college football and its traditions.”

Hubbard has been a vocal leader in recent months amidst the historical social and racial awakening in America. He also started a nonprofit organization called “Your Life, Your Choice” earlier this year.

“It’s aimed to help kids who are in negative environments, kids who are in trouble, put them in positive environments and teach them life skills, leadership skills, really trying to help them develop as a person,” he told ESPN of the nonprofit. “The other aspect is to help families that are on welfare, help parents find jobs, help kids get an education. I’ll start up local, but I hope we one day can be international, where I can help kids all across the world. Just growing up, my family had its struggles, but I was really lucky, I had a lot of support around me. Without those people, I wouldn’t be where I am. I want to be that for kids that don’t have what I had.”

Hubbard is one of three players from the Big 12 nominated for the Good Works Team, along with Oklahoma’s Chanse Sylvie and Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger.

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