PFB - Daily Bullets (Apr. 10): JT Thor Deciding Monday

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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The over/under for the Pokes is at 8.5 – excuse me while I spend the day convincing myself that shouldn’t be at 9.5.

Bullets Rundown

• JT Thor decision coming in days
• Scott Sutton talks sports, life growing up under Eddie
• Big budget number for OSU Football

OSU Bullets

We FINALLY get a decision from JT Thor (four-star 2020 power forward) on Monday.

Signing Thor would move OSU coach Mike Boynton’s 2020 class up to sixth in the country, behind only Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Michigan and Tennessee.

More than that, Thor plays a position of need for the Cowboys: power forward. Cameron McGriff has been the Cowboys’ everyday starter at the position for the past two and a half years, but he graduated. [PFB]

The other tasty detail mentioned in the piece is that Donovan Williams – OSU’s other target in the class – is deciding Monday as well…. and there’s only one open scholarship. Landing both Williams and Thor would surely spell and exit for somebody on campus.

Scott Sutton chatted with the Oklahoman about what it was like growing up under Eddie and around sports – a fun read

• It’s not surprising how high the revenue number is – but it’s worth highlighting just how massively OSU’s athletic department depends on football revenue.

During Mike Gundy’s now-infamous teleconference on Tuesday, the OSU coach said that 90% of his school’s $77 million athletics budget is derived from the Cowboy football program. That money funds the operation of the athletic department and non-revenue sports. [TulsaWorld]

90 percent! I wonder what the department’s breakeven number is – how much revenue they have to bring in to keep the lights on.

Nothing’s guaranteed at this point but you have to assume basketball will make more than usual with Cade Cunningham in the fold.

Two OSU’s all-time leading scorers surprised – longevity is the name of the game

• The Tulsa transfer decided to head to Colorado instead of Stillwater – bring me Thor

Pretty insightful remarks from the Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby on the state of college football

• Here’s a video update with Coach Mike Boynton:

WATCH: 'We Are Excited About Where We're At Right Now Despite Everything That's Going On' | MBB Update #okstate

— Orange Power Studios (@OSUStudios) April 9, 2020

• This is fascinating – the majority of sports fans (that were polled) wouldn’t attend a sporting event until a vaccine is available.

JUST IN: 72% of AMERICANS say that they would not attend a game before a Coronavirus vaccine was available, according to a new @HallSportsPoll just released. Among sports fans, the poll found that 61% of them said they would not attend.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) April 9, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

• Couple of great faith-based reads: Ravi on having cancer/Easter and this positive reflection on “childlikeness”
• I like this idea for learning – the “Feynman Technique”
• This was fun – a look back on America’s lost state: Franklin

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