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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Not That Far Off

Looking at the Oklahoma State football offense, SB Nation’s Ian Boyd claims it may not be that far off from some pro-style offenses (and takes his guess on starting QB).

Oklahoma State’s offense is really kinda similar at this point to “pro-style” offenses like USC but there’s a major difference in where the Cowboys put their emphasis. They are much more akin to Steve Spurrier and the “fun’n’gun” offense that was designed to take deep shots early and often and built around “pro-style” passing concepts that did exactly that. Most college pro-style teams are oriented more around ball-control.

I haven’t seen much from Taylor Cornelius yet but if he’s stronger in that dimension than is Hawaii transfer Dru Brown it wouldn’t be too shocking if he won the starting job. [Concerning Sports]

I’m not Thomas Fleming/Adam Lunt but using a fullback/tight end and leaning on play-action seem like more traditional elements than air-raid. But the ode to Steve Spurrier’s gutsy playcalling is fun and if you’re hoping to spread the ball around (and down field), it seems like Cornelius may be the best bet.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Height

Mike Boynton sees the vacancy sign on the roster as an opportunity to put his stamp a book of his stamps on the roster.

But left with only four scholarship players who played for OSU last season, Boynton isn’t worried.

“This probably will sound crazy: I feel really good,” he told The Oklahoman last week. “It’s an opportunity to evolve, to take a step forward. We have a lot of flexibility in our roster.”

With that flexibility comes opportunities to quickly restock through recruiting. Sunday, the Cowboys signed Kentrevious Jones, a 6-foot-10 former Xavier commit with four years of eligibility. He joins forwards Duncan Demuth and Yor Anei as 2018 signees.

Boynton said the Cowboys evaluate players based on their competitiveness, unselfishness, work ethic and skill set, while size for their position is secondary.

“The 6-7 guy that produces more is much more valuable than the 7-footer who looks really good coming off the bus,” he said. [NewsOK]

Well, he’ll certainly avoid the criticism that “he’s just winning with Ford’s/Underwood’s guys” because most will have to be his guys. While length and athleticism are super helpful, a production-oriented viewpoint sounds reasonable.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Cowboy Baseball listed as under the radar title contenders here….Scott Frost talks like a great fit at Nebraska….It sounds like the coaches are unanimously for the four-game and redshirt rule plus changes on restrictions for transfers…How latest federal charges underline the largest issue in college basketball

Posing as the catcher was pretty clutch.

ICYMI: @al_jones13 said YES last night in Wichita!!

A huge thank you to @GoShockersSB and @CoachBredbenner for helping put together Coach Jones' big surprise and congrats to the happy couple! #okstate

— Cowgirl Softball (@CowgirlSB) April 19, 2018

This is quite a foursome.

BigD for great 2 hour lunch Boone Pickens, Mike Holder & @thacoachmike Wish Boone & @BarrySanders been Sooners. @OU_Football @OSUAthletics

— Barry Switzer (@Barry_Switzer) April 19, 2018

Congrats to former Cowboy (and son of Travis Ford assist Butch Pierre) landing a full-time gig here.

OFFICIAL | Coach McKay has added Joe Pierre III (@LU_JoePierreIII) to the coaching staff as Director of Player Development. #GoFlames


— Liberty Basketball (@LibertyMBB) April 19, 2018

As long as you don’t block the suites up top, should be a win. Unless you’re a coach housed in GIA who can’t work while watching football games live.

Mock Up of the New Football JumboTron

— Boone Pickens State (@BP_State) April 18, 2018

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