PFB - Daily Bullets (Aug. 14): Second Linemen Heads Out, No Championships this Fall

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

NCAA won’t let there be any championships played this fall – FBC football remains unaffected

• Projected starting offensive linemen Bryce Bray is headed to the transfer portal, reportedly after a violation of team rules

• This was fun – for the teams who aren’t playing football this fall, here’s one who should be cheering for the Pokes.

Michigan St.
Suggestions: Auburn, Oklahoma State — There’s a chip on your shoulder, and nothing gets under your skin quite like the “little brother” title. While Sparty’s recent success against its biggest rival has been closer to Auburn than Oklahoma State, the experience of carrying that slight into every meeting is a shared experience that will make rooting for either relatable. Oklahoma State, in particular, enters the year with as much hype as we’ve seen in years. Might be a good time to sign a one-year fan contract. [CBS Sports]

• Berry T. requests OSU (and OU fans) show grace to the school as they make decisions on who does (and doesn’t) get tickets to football games assuming reductions

Former Cowboy Kemah Siverand made the news the wrong way – cut by the Seahawks for sneaking in a visitor

Fun breakdown of the first installment of the behind-the-scenes doc on OSU Football

Go behind the scenes with @CowboyFB all season long

'Our Time: Oklahoma State Football' now streaming on ESPN+:

— ESPN (@espn) August 13, 2020

• Today, the quarterfinal matches will take place in the US Amateur – Poke Aman Gupta is in the middle of it:

Halfway home.#okstate | #golfschool

— OSU Cowboy Golf (@OSUCowboyGolf) August 14, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

The Russell Westbrook leg injury could definitely turn the Thunder/Rockets series
Why we love to read
• Touching story about a dad and a foster son (faith-based)

I don’t know if it’s extra appealing because it’s August in Oklahoma but the Alps look incredible in this three-minute time lapse:

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