PFB - Daily Bullets (Aug. 2): Is Summer 2020 When CFB Changed Forever?

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Feb 17, 2018
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• College football has changed forever this summer.

• In so many ways.

In anticipation of the NCAA Board of Governors potentially canceling or postponing fall sports championships, Power 5 conference leaders have begun exploring the possibility of staging their own championships in those affected sports, multiple sources have told Sports Illustrated. This could be seen as a first step toward a long-theorized breakaway from the NCAA by the 65 schools that play college sports at the highest level. [Sports Illustrated]

• I can’t envision the Big 12 trying to get 12 games in when nobody else is doing that, but that appears to be on the table.

More details on those plans here, including the possibility of BYU coming to Stillwater and the likelihood that 10 games will be the direction the Big 12 heads.

Interesting question here about whether there will be lasting effects from Spencer Sanders’ thumb injury last year.

Good stuff here on the economic impact on Stillwater of potentially not having a football season.

• How do we feel about how these offers look?

Official offer from Oklahoma State University! #GoPokes

— Jeffrey Bassa (@Bassa_21) August 1, 2020

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