PFB - Daily Bullets (Aug. 9): College Football’s “Inevitable” Canceling

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Feb 17, 2018
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Mandeville here – got pulled into duty on account of some of golf tournament this weekend. Have a good Sunday, see ya’ll tomorrow morning.

OSU Bullets

Is it “inevitable” that college football won’t be played this fall?

The day started with the MAC postponing all fall sports because of the United States’ continued struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic. They were the first FBS conference to do so. Then Saturday evening, CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd reported that a “veteran Power Five athletic director” told him that it is “inevitable” that college football won’t happen this fall. [PFB]

Call me when somebody leaves profitable TV money on the table – that’s an even less promising sign for OSU and the Power 5 teams.

A Del City (OK) linebacker has the Pokes in his top three and a decision is rumored to be coming today

• For guys like Cowboy Malcolm Rodriguez, you’ll have to cancel the season to get them off the field.

(Rodriguez) trusts his university. There is reason for that, as well. OSU brought back players under a careful approach outlined by campus science and medical professionals. There is a task force in place to monitor the Cowboys as they attempt to proceed. [TulsaWorld]

• Mike Boynton has some lines out and here are some hoops recruits to keep an eye on

Happy 55th to John Smith – it’s hard to imagine a guy accomplishing more as the head coach of OSU wrestling

Berry Tramel and Bill Haisten both write that canceling the season seems likely

Non-OSU Bullets

• Hard to feel this way sometimes but “don’t waste the lesson”
• As a fan of Twitter, merger with TikTok is intriguing
Challenging take on discipleship in midlife (faith-based)

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