PFB - Daily Bullets (July 5): Mike Holder Again OSU’s Most Powerful Person

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Feb 17, 2018
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• Is Mike Holder once again the most powerful person in the room? Bill Haisten writes that yes, he is. Awesome column here.

And that the same Holder who seemed so vulnerable in 2017 — when Chad Weiberg was hired and positioned as OSU’s next athletic director — now seems re-established as the university’s Most Powerful Person. [Tulsa World]

• Dustin MacDonald, who runs Chris’ University Spirit — one of our sponsors — was quoted in the Oklahoman on Sunday about the importance of CFB.

“I’m kind of sitting on the edge of my seat every day watching news, waiting this thing out,” MacDonald said. “I don’t know how our business survives without football. … I think there’ll be a ton of businesses going out of business if there’s no college football.” [Oklahoman]

• Marshall Scott covered Oklahoma State’s TBT appearance on Saturday. Live sports!

It sounds like a spring season is a real possibility. Berry Tramel goes deep with quotes from Mike Holder and Lincoln Riley. My opinion: It would be really weird but also not the worst thing in the world. I wrote this before, but Cade Cunningham in the afternoon –> Chuba Hubbard at night on a Saturday in Stillwater would be delightful.

Awesome stuff on Landon Wolf here and his desire to see change in the world.

“For me understanding that I don’t have all the answers, that I may not be the most knowledgeable person,” Wolf said, “but I know my platform as a student-athlete allows me into different rooms and allows me to have conversations with people that I may not be able to have if I wasn’t wearing a uniform on Saturdays.

“(I’m) using that to better not only my team and myself but the larger community and society as a whole.” [Oklahoman]

• Berry says Gundy must be the old dog who learns new tricks.

Holder has to hope. Gundy likely would have been fired had his contract buyout not totaled $17 million. OSU can’t afford that in good times, much less during a pandemic. So unless OSU wanted to claim Gundy was fired with cause and settle in for a lengthy lawsuit, keeping Gundy was the prudent financial path. [Oklahoman]

Robert Allen casually drops that Gundy may have gotten a haircut.

• Matthew Wolff going for win No. 2 today at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

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