PFB - Daily Bullets (June 5): Gundy as Second Best, Everybody Should Have a “Coach”

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Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

• This heartfelt tribute to Tennessee football legend Johnny Majors could fit perfectly about Eddie Sutton.

We should all have the blessing of a person in our lives we can call, simply, Coach. Maybe it’s a parent. Maybe it’s someone who oversaw your athletic career, youth, pro or otherwise, no matter how long or short.

Or perhaps it’s the legend who had his painted portrait hanging in your parents’ living room, the one who led their alma mater to its greatest moments of glory. You might have never met Bear Bryant or Dean Smith, but they always felt like a member of the family. [ESPN]

Tramel ranked OSU’s non-conference schedule No. 52 (out of 64) and that’s completely fair

• If you’re interested in a commitment-watch for recruits potentially leaning towards the Pokes, here are a few names to watch.

OSU sits in a really good spot with in-state defensive lineman Aden Kelley in addition to twin receivers Bryson and Blaine Green, from Allen, Texas. All three are said to be making their decisions soon. [PFB]

If you enjoyed that, here’s a wishlist with even more names.

CBS has Gundy as the second-best coach in the Big 12 with standard reasoning

• It wouldn’t impact OSU but the idea of making the group of five schools (and below) more regional makes a lot of sense

• I was pretty impressed with these comments by Florida State football player Marvin Wilson:

Took A stand we got what we wanted & we are moving forward
!!! I appreciate @Coach_Norvell for encouraging me to use my platform and speak for what me and my teammates believe In. Be the change that you needed when you was growing up

(@marvinwilson21) June 4, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

Always stand on the side of the egg
• Should the Thunder rebuild or reload? Tank for Cunningham is my take.
• Here’s a good list of faith-based things to do (and not to do) each morning
– Been enjoying this faith-based jam by my favorite artist – check him out

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