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Feb 17, 2018
Three Years Forward, One Year Back

After losing Mason Rudolph at the hub of an incredibly productive offense – is OSU the most likely to slide (win fewer games) Big 12 team?

This was a difficult pick to pinpoint. It had to be either TCU or Oklahoma State, a pair of programs who’ve been among the most successful this past decade. Anticipating a serious drop for either is dangerous, but the Cowboys are the selection here because their roster is a bit more unsettled.

As of now, there isn’t a surefire replacement for Mason Rudolph under center. Quarterback, more than anything, is the critical element to Mike Gundy and Mike Yurcich’s offensive system. Grad transfer Dru Brown arrives this summer from Hawaii, but there’s no telling how he’ll adjust.

The Cowboys also return a Big 12 low 49 percent of their production. [247 Sports]

If you had to put a premium on Cowboy Football – it’s the high scoring, balanced offenses. The straw that stirs the drink is a phenom (Brandon Weeden, Mason Rudolph, Zac Robinson) or a system guy who did the time (Clint Chelf). TCU’s premium is a stifling defense.

While both are likely to find a seven-win floor, it’s TCU’s defensive prowess that carries them by. If Dru Brown plays quarterback like Kendall Smith did as a point guard, count on the Pokes winning some games with the stellar infrastructure and premium talent around him.

Bust Out at Boone Pickens

Is a statue of the Oklahoma State’s greatest benefactor coming to campus soon?

(T. Boone) Pickens, who turns 90 next Tuesday, posted a photo with he and sculptor Harold Holden standing behind a sculpture of Pickens that appears to be about 2 feet tall. The sculpted Pickens is wearing his customary OSU sweater vest, with his right hand raised in the “pistols firing” salute.

“An early birthday present,” Pickens wrote on the Instagram post. “Famed western artist Harold Holden gives me an inside look at the sculpture of me he’s working on that, with any luck, winds up at Boone Pickens Stadium.” [NewsOK]

About. Darn. Time. In what world does a T. Boone statue flanked by Barry Sanders, and Thurman Thomas not make sense? A Mike Gundy one would surely follow someday.

OSU and NCAA Notes

PFF had glowing takes on the Rudolph, Washington draft pairing….Dez Bryant doesn’t regret passing up a multi-year offer with Baltimore….Tram says legalized sports betting will alleviate point shaving….SI on this Oregon State pitcher is a hard, thought-provoking read

Pokes drop game one, need two to tango.

Cowboys drop series opener, back at it tomorrow night #GoPokes

— Cowboy Baseball (@osubaseball) May 18, 2018

Didn’t realize how lopsided these numbers were.

Updated #NCAAGolf Regional victory totals after play yesterday.#okstate

Arizona State—7

— Oklahoma State Golf (@OSUCowboyGolf) May 17, 2018

Congrats to Ateman on signing a deal.

The Raiders have signed seventh-round pick @ItsMarcell.

More: #RaiderNation


It’s nice that West Virginia returns their quarterback but if Geno Smith can only win seven games as a senior, I’m not completely sold on an eight-win floor.

Look, I’ve never bet on college football win totals and probably never will.

But West Virginia at 7.5+ wins?!?

— Max Olson (@max_olson) May 17, 2018

Catching up with some of the good guys in the pros.

[Golf Channel]

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