PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept. 19): Most Viewed of the Week, Gameday’s Here

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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In case you needed any help getting more excited enjoy this pump-up video for today’s game with a familiar voice.

Saddle Up, Cowboy Nation. It's gonna be one hell of a ride.#LetsRide | #GoPokes

— OSU Cowboy Football
(@CowboyFB) September 18, 2020

Three Thoughts


5⃣ in the field. 5⃣ into the weekend! #okstate | #golfschool

— OSU Cowboy Golf (@OSUCowboyGolf) September 18, 2020

Two Quotes

• Quote from TU right tackle after the below play: “I really don’t want to see Trace Ford ever again.” (probably)

— Adam Lunt (@AdamLunt817) March 2, 2020

• Some teams (notably BYU) have been relatively healthy but soft on the field… Gundy has taken a different approach in practice with some heavy physicality.

“There’s been a level of how physical teams want to prepare, what your limitations are based on the virus, back and forth,” Gundy said. “So we’ve tried to push forward, dealing with the emotions of the players, and continual practice to no games has been much different, but we push hard and continue to do everything we can to try to get our players in a position to where they can play an uptempo, physical game to start the season.” [NewsOK]
One Question

• Do you want to go to the game today? Here’s a link to buy single game tickets for $75 (OSU sent it to me as a season ticket holder).

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Kickoff details around the West Virginia game announced

• No. 2: Reggie Bush has OSU in the CFP

• No. 3: Marshall’s practice rundown from Tulsa practice week

• No. 4: Bullets from 9/13 – diving into the OKC Dave survey

• No. 5: What Spencer Sanders had to say before the opener

Non-OSU Bullets

• This Heat-Celtics series has been a blast
• A couple of faith-based reads – good news/bad news around David’s fall and Jesus in the Jewish fall feasts

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