PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept. 24): Unlucky Ranked Pokes in Openers, Survive and Advance

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

• Count on a rock fight in Stillwater on Saturday – history for the Pokes in recent Big 12 openers hasn’t been friendly to the good guys:

“Just in the past three years, three ranked favorites have lost their Big 12 opener:

• It’s early to put the season on life support but I think this may be the right take for OSU’s season:

If Oklahoma State can work out a way to win against West Virginia, consider the season saved and the Cowboys in good shape to work out a way to piece together a winning O-line by late October when they have to start playing the heavyweights. If they drop this one though, it’s going to be hard to avoid dropping too many games over the course of the season to be competitive in the standings come November. [Inside Texas]

Piecing that line together will involve the pieces gelling over time, inexperience turnings into experience, and perhaps swapping in more talented pieces (looking at Tyrese Williams at center).

Ranking the details around the 87′ throwbacks for the WV game

• Chuba Hubbard made the GoodWorks team

• Pokes missed out on the four-star safety from this small Oklahoma town but appear to be hot after this 2022 running back from rural Oklahoma

• Cowboy alum and Green Bay Packer Lane Taylor is officially on the IR

• Steps being taken to start the ring at BPS – side note: it will eventually be Mike Gundy Field at Boone Pickens Stadium… right?

Not too much to see at this moment but Thurman’s Ring of Honor sign is gettin’ real.

— Brodie Myers (@MyersVoice) September 23, 2020
Non-OSU Bullets

• Importance of creating things that don’t last
• This on Nick Saban coaching at Toledo was good
Billy Donovan to the Bulls tells me he was a) offered less money on his extension or b) wasn’t really offered an extension

Amen, brotha.

When I finally get all three kids to sleep each night.

— Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs) September 24, 2020

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