PFB - Gundy, Boynton Send Supportive Message to Medical Personnel during Pandemic

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Feb 17, 2018
It’s only been three weeks since the coronavirus outbreak was labeled a pandemic, but it feels like it’s been a lot longer.

However long we feel it has been staying in our homes, it has to be amplified for the medical personnel that are face to face with the pandemic every day. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy took to Twitter on Tuesday to show his support for that group of people.

“To all the first responders, nurses and doctors, you guys that are on the front lines, you’re freaking awesome,” Gundy said. “This is Coach Gundy from Oklahoma State, not like you didn’t know who it was. I am so proud, and we as a family at Oklahoma State University and the Gundy family are so proud of what you guys are doing. We know it’s tough. We know at times you have limited resources, but you’ve been so strong. You guys are true warriors. It’s awesome. I’m telling you we’re so excited for you. This is gonna end. I know it’s coming to an end. Keep fighting. We’re behind you all the way. Appreciate everything you do. Go Pokes.”

Thank you to all our first responders, doctors, nurses and everyone on the front lines. You’re the real champions!

— Mike Gundy (@CoachGundy) March 31, 2020

OSU basketball coach Mike Boynton also showed his support in a demonstration outside of Stillwater Medical Center on Monday as citizens showed up in the parking lot and flashed their hazard lights.

Amazing scene in Stillwater. This community is the essence of what is means to support through tough times. Every time there’s a difficult moment, STW responds. Thank you to the hospital staffs all over this country. We love you and are praying everyday with you! #LetsBeatThis

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) March 31, 2020

This time we’re in has already proven to be bigger than sports with it’s ability to shutdown entire seasons, but it’s nice to see some of the Stillwater community’s most notable people showing their support for the true stars in all of this.

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