PFB - Hear What Justice, Cornelius, Stoner, Brailford Said of OSU’s Boise State Beatdown

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
STILLWATER — Justice Hill, Taylor Cornelius, Dillon Stoner and Jordan Brailford spoke with the media on Saturday evening following Oklahoma State’s win over Boise State.

Check out what they had to see in the videos below along with all the relevant quotes.

Mike Yurcich on keeping Justice fresh

“I’m happy that he’s healthy. All those backs are very talented guys, and to see those guys go into those games and every guy come out of it healthy is the main key.”

Tyron on Justice opening things up

“We had a great week of preparation to face a great defense. Taylor Cornelius made a lot of throws and Justice Hill opened up the running game.”

Dillon Stoner on Cornelius

“He’s a very athletic guy. We’ve seen him since I’ve got here, we know what he’s capable of. I think he was able to relax and play his game. It opened up a lot of things.”

Taylor Cornelius on beating Boise State

“The defense stepped up huge and made a lot of big-time plays. And then our special teams getting two blocked punts is always huge for our team.

“The defense was great all day today. They even got a turnover there at the end. They held them on that first drive and then getting that missed field goal was huge for getting our momentum going. Our defense played unbelievable today.”

Taylor Cornelius on the offense

“All credit goes to the offensive line. Our receivers and running backs did a great job today too, and all of the credit goes to them.”

Jim Knowles on working with Jordan Brailford

“You got a guy that’s big, strong, athletic and can run. He looks like a grown man and plays with the agility of a linebacker.”

Jordan Brailford on the DL creating havoc

“It’s important for us to be able to create that pressure to try and keep momentum on our side. We had a great performance tonight, but we have to come in tomorrow and continue to work to try and keep it going.”

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