PFB - Junior College Offensive Lineman Caleb Etienne Includes OSU in Top 6

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
The Cowboys could soon have a 6-foot-8 offensive linemen in their 2021 recruiting class.

Junior college tackle Caleb Etienne included Oklahoma State in his top six Friday evening, also including Oregon, Texas Tech, South Carolina, Houston and Mississippi State.

Who Is He?

OSU offered Etienne on May 20, the latest among his finalists.

Listed at 6-8, 310 pounds, Etienne played for Fort Scott Community College (Kansas) in 2019, but transferred to Butler Community College (Kansas) ahead of this season. He is originally out of Warren Easton in New Orleans, the same high school program that produced Tyron Johnson.

Etienne played left tackle in Fort Scott’s spread offense in 2019. Adding to his obvious size and strength, he has active feet in pass-blocking scenarios.

In the Rankings

247Sports lists Etienne as a three-star prospect and ranks him second among junior college offensive tackles in the county. He is only listed behind Jordan Moko, who also has an OSU offer.

Gaining Experience

The Cowboys could benefit from adding a more mature offensive line body in their 2021 class.

The Pokes already lost Dylan Galloway to an early retirement and have three other seniors as projected starters on their 2020 O-line. Adding experience like Etienne and/or Moko could provide some relieve for OSU offensive line coach Charlie Dickey in the transition to younger faces up front.


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