PFB - Notes and Jokes From Mike Gundy’s Post-Boise State Press Conference

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Feb 17, 2018
The head man was excited but understated in his post-Boise presser in Stillwater on Saturday. I took notes on what he had to say (no smoothies this time around, but there was still some orange-looking kool-aid to guzzle).

• “It was a really good effort by our defense,” is a very good open. “Special teams obviously was the difference,” was the second thing. Also true.

• Said Corndog played really well.

• Mentioned seven sacks and one yard per rush as great talking points for the defense. “It’s a good one for us.”

• Compared Cornelius to a 3-point shooter in basketball when he runs the ball. It helps him get into the flow of the game.

• Mentioned that somebody who’s now “sad” dumped a bunch of money on the other side before the game started, which flipped the line to make Boise the favorite. Of course. Also, he was drinking this in lieu of a smoothie.

• Noted how well coached Boise is and that that was part of the reason he’s excited about this series with them. Good chance to hopefully match wits.

• Said he felt good all week about what OSU was going to do on special teams. “It was a big day for 11 and 24. For a true freshman to block a punt like that is pretty cool.”

• OL was below average in the first half and above average in the second. “They had a good scheme for us … I didn’t like what our answer was (in the first half).” Said they made adjustments at halftime.

• Had to take advantage of what Boise allowed OSU to do offensively. Said Corndog is deceptively fast because he’s so tall. Wanted him to not take as many hits.

• Bill Haisten brought up a Collin Klein comp for Corndog, and Gundy said “I don’t know if Collin Klein has a receding hairline or not.” Noted that Corndog “knows I love him.”

• Told 24 if he was of age he’d be a big hit in the clubs tonight.

• “I told Corndog he could get a discount at Denny’s.”

Mike Gundy's comedy routine continues: He razzes Cornelius over his hairline and makes a Denny's joke! #okstate

— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) September 16, 2018

• Ammendola has “done really well.” OSU changed its scheme up front on field goals — all linemen blocking up front.

• Said A.J. Green got lazy on the one-handed catch for a TD.

• He was impressed with how well Brett Rypien hung in after how many times he got hit.

• His son Gage asked all week if OSU was going to blitz Rypien all the time. Gundy said well not all the time. Knowles said we’ll blitz him all the time. Sounds like Gage is running the defense.

• Said he told the offensive guys “at this pace we’re going to average 60 yards by the end of the game” after the first quarter. I laughed thinking about the offensive guys in the booth hearing that.

• Mentioned OSU was in better shape and more physical than Boise was. Noted the strength and conditioning guys. “We have a bunch of good young men on our team … I know I say that and you get tired of hearing that, but you win with a bunch of unselfish players who are willing to do more for others than for themselves.”

• “We’re not to a point where we can just chill out and beat anybody.”

• There are times for Cornelius to run the ball. “It’s based on the situation we’re presented with.”

• Said players rally around TC because he’s got a good temperament and takes responsibility. “I’m usually pretty good during the games. Yurcich is chewing his ass all the time.”

• Expected Justice to get 22 carries. “He’s special. When he gets out there he can roll. You just have to get him through the front. We were better in the second half …”

• Excited about how guys took coaching on special teams throughout the week.

• “I think we have a good team.” Likes the offensive staff because they don’t try to do too much. “There was a coach who retired who told me find 6-8 good junior high plays and execute them well, you have a good chance to win.”

• “If we learn to run block, we have a chance to be a really good offense.”

• Wants his team to come back not thinking they’re really good. Wants them to maintain a good mindset. He thinks about and works on that a lot. “I don’t do a lot else.”

• Said they’re different structurally than they were last year when they housed Pittsburgh.

• Would prefer the defense did what it did on Saturday every week. Same.

• “One yard is the hardest yard to get in college football.” Said Bob Stoops used to say that and that he’s right. Said OSU will get better in short yardage situations.

• “I think we have two very intelligent coordinators. They think out of the box. They’re smart. They’re good teachers and communicators. They’re disciplinarians. They’re taskmasters, both of them are.” Said he’s pleased with what OSU has on defense so far.

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