PFB - Oklahoma State Recruiting: Grading the 2018 Wide Receiver Class

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Feb 17, 2018
It’s hard to speak more glowingly about Oklahoma State receivers coach Kasey Dunn without writing a full-on recommendation letter to Mike Gundy suggesting he #paytheman for his work on and off the field.

Dunn has done a phenomenal job that’s been recognized for developing his players, the most recent success story being James Washington’s transformation from three-star recruit to Biletnikoff Award winner. But he’s also developed himself into an all-around aces recruiter, too, nabbing two big timers in the 2018 class who could shine right away.

Let’s break down the 2018 wide receivers class.

Ability to produce right away

I’ve long been in the camp that believes that expecting freshman to contribute from day one is a bit far-fetched. I would officially like to renege on that former belief.

Although four-star receiver C.J. Moore from Tulsa Union is 6-5 but only 175 pounds, I firmly believe he could work his way into the rotation. He’s got track star speed and mobility unique to a player his size, and his game is refined beyond his years thanks to the off-field coaching of his cousin and former OSU player, Tracy Moore.

The same I think can go for three-star signee Jonathan Shepherd, the second of two signees in the class. Shepherd hails from a run-first offensive attack, so his high school production won’t jump out at you. But he, like Moore, stands tall at 6-4, 200 pounds, and he’s a down-field threat that has a proven ability to stretch the floor.

I’m confident both could play right away, even though I’d like to see them both redshirt. The talent is there for them to play, and I’m all in on C.J. Moore being a future pro.

Here’s why.

Grade: B+

Long-term potential

I basically just laid out why I think this class can be star-laden: C.J. Moore is a bonafide freak. Add 20 pounds to his frame under the tutelage of Robert Glass, and he’s going to be unstoppable inside the red zone.

I think the same for Shepherd. He’s not as explosive as Moore, but he’s a big-bodied target who is more developed. And he’s a well-refined route-runner who can find holes in the defense, which will be big when Spencer Sanders starts scrambling around in the backfield looking for open orange jerseys. And Shepherd is quick, too.

@daddydimes35 we outta race one day
@SpenceSanders you can get some too

— Jonathan Shepherd (@Kid_Kuddi15) March 5, 2018

Grade: A+

Addressing needs

How do you replace James Washington and Marcell Ateman? By bringing in an even more highly touted blue-chipper from Tulsa in C.J. Moore, who has a bigger frame and, potentially, more upside.

It’s yet to be determined how Shepherd fits among replacements, but I think he has Chris Lacy-like potential. Glue guy who does what it takes to win, has great hands, and has shown that he’s willing to sacrifice production for W’s.

Hard to deem this class anything less than a raging success.

Grade: A

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