PFB - OSU Equipment Manager Allegedly Assaulted by OU Fans at Bedlam Suffers Broken Rib

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
An Oklahoma State equipment manager was allegedly assaulted on Saturday by OU fans during Bedlam while trying to retrieve a game ball following a made field goal by OSU in the second quarter. He suffered a broken rib.

Ashley Jenkins, the aunt of the equipment manager, wrote in a post on Facebook that he is a student at OSU and works in the football department. She said DJ was “attacked by 5 adult men OU fans” who tried to get the ball away from him.

“They punched him and threw beer on him,” she wrote. “He has a broken rib and is very sore.”

In a statement made to KFOR’s Jessica Bruno on Monday, OU’s athletic department said it is “aware of the interaction between some fans and an Oklahoma State team staff member.” OU said it was turning over matters to its police department and an investigation into the incident is underway.

“No matter the outcome of the investigation, physical contact by any fan with an employee of any team is unacceptable,” OU said.

Here is video of the incident.

OU fans really wanted to see that football go out of the stadium.

— Anthony West (@antdwest) November 22, 2020

Several OSU players took to Twitter afterward to defend the equipment manager named DJ, including punter Tom Hutton, defensive end Trace Ford and safety Kanion Williams.

If only they had some sort of security personnel in the area, possibly in bright yellow jackets to be easily identified as security, we could’ve avoided having a student equipment manager assaulted by fans for doing his job retrieving a ball.

Just a thought..

— Tom Hutton (@tomhutton25) November 23, 2020

My first bedlam experience in Norman, I watched a OU player literally spit on one of my teammates and oh also one of our equipment manager got jumped and now has broken ribs for doing his job and retrieving a football…. what a extraordinary university!

— Trace Ford (@traceford12) November 23, 2020


— Kanion Williams (@KanionW) November 23, 2020

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