PFB - OSU Recruiting: After Losing TE Target to Arkansas, Pokes Offer Two Texas Stars

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Feb 17, 2018
Only days removed from Allen Horace Jr. spurning Oklahoma State for Arkansas, the OSU coaching staff has moved on quickly with two new offers to Texas standouts this week.

Blake Smith, a 6-foot-4 prospect who plays both quarterback and tight end (Jelani 2.0, anyone?), announced his offer just shortly after Horace Jr. made his Hogs commitment. Smith, like Horace Jr., is a 2020 prospect who comes in at nearly 250 pounds. He has offers from Boston College, Cal, Colorado and Rutgers. In the last month, Vandy, Virginia and Florida State have offered.

The other new offer is to Drake Dabney, a 6-4.5, 228-pound Cy Ranch star. He has offers from K-State, Minnesota, Arizona, Cal, Iowa State, Louisville and others.

As juniors last season, both were named all-district performers. Dabney is more of a pass-catcher while Smith, who recorded less than 100 yards receiving, is more of a blocking tight end.

OSU is Smith’s biggest offer to date and one of the biggest for Dabney, and with Horace Jr. picking Arkansas, both know there is a spot available for the picking. OSU is expected to take at least one tight end/Cowboy back in this class, so Dabney and Smith are on the clock.

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