PFB - Tracy Moore Q&A (Part 1): His Investment in Today’s Youth and Recalling his Recruiting Process

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Feb 17, 2018
Since graduating from Oklahoma State, former standout receiver Tracy Moore now spends most of his days investing. Not as a banker, nor as a stock broker. But as a trainer in Tulsa, he spends countless hours each week investing in the lives of young kids in hopes of setting an example for the younger generation.

I caught up with Tracy earlier this week by phone to see what life has been like as a post-grad, and we talked about a number of things — from his relationship to OSU signee CJ Moore, his job as a trainer, his brief stint chasing the pros and more.

We’re running Part 1 of our conversation with him today, and Part 2 will be on the site later next week. Hope you guys enjoy.

Kyle: What has Tracy Moore been up to since college?

Tracy: After college when the pros didn’t work out, I got offered to start training some kids doing a couple classes. The last two years, I’ve owned my own training deal. So for the last couple years, I’ve been trying to get young athletes right, just trying to make sure they don’t make some of the same mistakes I did, and trying to set an example they can follow.

Kyle: What were the pro opportunities you explored and what was that journey like?

Tracy: It wasn’t much of anything, honestly. I didn’t get much of a chance — I had a one-day tryout with Cincinnati. I went out there for awhile, but hired a bad agent who didn’t know anybody and was dragging his feet on stuff. Before you know it, the season was starting and I was on the reserves list, so I just kind of gave it up. I’ve never been just an athlete, so once it didn’t work out like I thought it was supposed (to), I said, forget it and quit working out. I just shifted my focus to helping kids get right.

Kyle: Do you regret anything from that time after college when you were looking for professional opportunities with football?

Tracy: I kind of regret not giving it as hard a chance as I probably should have. Your best chance of sticking in the pros is the year you come out, so your chances go down after that. I tried to do the CFL thing, got a call about a tryout, but after that I didn’t do any more. I had people wanting me to go overseas, but if it wasn’t the NFL I wasn’t very interested.

Kyle: Speaking of young kids and preparing the youth, you’ve got a talented relative, CJ Moore, who signed with OSU out of Union and is following in your footsteps. How weird is it seeing him preparing to blaze the same path you took?

Tracy: It’s definitely going to be pretty wild. I obviously grew up with him, we grew up around the corner together. I remember him as a kid wanting to be like me and I would work with him all the time.

Eventually, CJ hit a crazy growth spurt and so, yeah, it’s just a blessing that he gets the opportunity to do it, and especially at the same place I did it at. I think that was a big part of his decision-making process, him wanting to follow in my footsteps a little, so it’s cool. I didn’t get involved with his recruitment much, but I think he’s coming at a good time with them losing both Marcell and James.

Kyle: What advice have you passed along to CJ?

Tracy: The biggest thing with him I’ve told him is not to get caught up in the hype. It hurt him in high school a little, you know with Twitter and Instagram and all that. You have to just stick to what got you there and keep your head down and work. You only get one chance at it, so I’ve just encouraged him to seize the opportunity ahead.

Kyle: How weird is it going to be seeing another relative, Tramonda Moore (former OSU signee who will be a junior at OU this fall) wearing Crimson and Cream?

Tracy: There’s a big family war about it. I told him not to bring any of that stuff over here. *laughs* But I’ll definitely be watching him. He made the best decision for him. I hope they lose Bedlam, but I hope he does really well.

Kyle: What do you recall, if anything, from your recruiting process? (Like CJ, Tracy was a highly-touted pass-catcher out of Union who had numerous opportunities to play elsewhere.)

Tracy: Trooper Taylor recruited me first, and then he ended up leaving after I committed. I was actually going to go to Colorado first, but then Trooper talked me into going to OSU. So then he left and went to Auburn.

I wanted to go to TU to play for Gus Malzahn, the OC, and then I wanted to go to OSU with Trooper as my receivers coach. So when they both went to Auburn, I actually de-committed the day before signing day and they gave my scholarship away, I think to Mike Harrison. Then one of the guys de-committed from OSU and went to OU on the morning of signing day, so I ended up switching my commitment back to OSU instead of Auburn.

Kyle: How involved was Mike Gundy during that process?

Tracy: He wasn’t all that involved, really. He never came to my house, think I only talked with him once. I was one of those guys who was too big to be a receiver, too small to be a tight end, so people weren’t really sure what I was.

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